5 Things That Hold Back Your Success

We all want to dream big but acually achieving it may seem difficult. Here are the Top 5 things to give up if You want to be successful.

Give up the short term mindset

Don’t believe in getting rich quickly or losing all your excess weight by starving. People lie and try to manipulate others to get what you want. Don’t believe what you see. Successful people set long term goals! That means you have to mainly improve your short term habits on a daily base to achieve your goals in the long run. Start introducing new habits that will make your dream come nearer every day.

Give up on playing small

Speak your own truth and stop caring what other people thing of you, how they see you or want you to be. Take full ownership and be your own captain. Dream BIG, take risks and pass the finish line without falling in the victim role.

Give up excuses

This one seperates loses from winners. Successful people just make it happen. You don’t have the time? Optimize it with daily habits that will lead you to success. You don’t have the money? Find the money! There are thousand of people looking for good opportunities to invest. Get creative, deliver and become resourceful.

Give up the need to be liked

The moment you start becoming yourself some people start to hate you for doing so. But on the other hand the one’s that liked you before, now start to love you! Focuse on the love in your uniqueness and deliver whatever there is you see that needs to be created from you.

Give up toxic people

Take this in. You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time! If you want to be a winner start hanging around with winners! People who are making an impact on this world, light minded and successful! You can meet them everywhere, but by going to networking parties or reaching out to a mentor you can introduce yourself to a new  social circle which will keep you motivated. Start surrounding yourself with people who will not tolerate an average behavior and you won’t find yourself lacking success.

Love, Aya ©

2 responses to “5 Things That Hold Back Your Success”

  1. Hi Aya…I absolutely about giving up toxic people! It is so true how the people surrounding you influence and affect your levels of influence within yourself. I definetly need to surround myself with successful and substantive people that have mutual respect for each other. However, it is so difficult to trust new people because of change and the fear of the unknown is ever so challenging and even downright scary. It is true diversity opens the eyes to new ideas and cultures of people’s influences, but the passion for success is boundless and a commonality of happiness what successful people share which is my paramount goal in life:)

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    • Hi Tony, I agree. Being surrounded by judgmental and toxic people has definetly influence on our subconscious mind and that’s very scary. I see, you have found a common interest. Thank you for your opinion! Like you said, success follows pashion, follows happiness. On point. 🙂


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