4 Realisations To Be Happy

Expectation are a reflection of our thrive for perfection. Often we use controlling attitudes as a security blanket against disappointment but control does not bring us happiness. Instead it’s overuse causes anxiety, depression, anger issues, addiction problems and loneliness. Here is how to let it go now.



There are 7 billion human beings on this planet having their own unique personalities. If you expect everybody to be like you, you will quickly get disappointed. Choose to give your love to someone and you will find yourself much happier. Imagine your mothers love and how often you messed up something and she still chooses to love you.  Love is yours to give and yours to feel.



You are Yin and your work is Yang. Start seeing it as your passion and therefore put your sexual energy into it to nurture what you seek, fully commit and dedicate your heart into it so that you enjoy the process while arriving to your destination. Success is a day by day practice of doing what you love and having a deep appreciation and respect for it. So, instead of reaching your goal, walk the way!  Stop saying I Want and start saying I DO!



We came to Planet Earth to experience a range of emotions. Sometimes we will feel angry or sad and that’s natural. Remember that Emotion stands for Energy in Motion and the beauty of it is that it’s constantly changing. It’s the contrast of the seasons. All the colors your eyes can see, your mind is able to feel. Always embrace your beautiful mind for showing you it’s complex spectrum.



The aim for perfection is an obsession. Sadly you experienced a lot of pressure at a young age and now you have to deal with this insecurities. But why so serious? We came here to have a good time, to be happy and to love. Realize that when you lose perfection you are moving closer to your authenticity which is already perfect.


The way to happiness is being in the present, not making judgements and accepting life as it presents itself. Remind yourself occasionally that life is what it is and happiness is achieved through non-attachments. Allow yourself to be happy, don’t let anybody dim your light. We are the Micro of the Macro. As you change so does the world. That is the Secret, the Law of Correspondence. Create peace within yourself first. Be the change.

Love, Aya ©


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