Upgrade Your Brain

Have you ever questioned why someone you know gets everything he or she wants? Maybe stay skinny all year long, have healthy relationships or manage a good job. Well, when I first started writing I knew I wanted to make an impact on people and their freedom. Sadly the majority of people have a lack of understanding what true freedom exactly is and how it feels to thrive for perfection without even trying. The following will reveal how to upgrade your brain and never look back.


As human beings, we spend most of our lives functioning in states of lower consciousness where we are principally concerned with ourselves, our survival and our success narrowly defined. Neuroscientist speak of a lower part of the brain, the so-called „Reptilian Mind.“ Under its control we strike when we get hit, blame others for our mistakes or suffer from a lack of self-control and discipline.  A flattering self-image created by our lower consciousness is what keeps us  achieving the main forces of life, including having a job, other responsibilities  like relationships, and the need to fulfil some desires and goals among the way.


Rare moments when there is no threat or expectation among us perhaps late at night, or early in the morning when our bodies are relaxed, and our mind is in peace we experience the privilege to access the higher consciousness, or „Neocortex.“ It generates creation, manifestation, imagination, awareness, development, logical thinking, objectivity, empathy and most importantly: consciousness. Keanu Reeve’s character’s name ‘Neo’ in The Matrix movie was derived from the understanding of the neo-cortex section of the human mind. What happens is that we lose the need to hold on to our ego and change our belief to a universal perspective. In this state, our mind goes beyond its interest and craving, and we start to imagine other people and their behaviors without judging them, but by trying to understand the forces of their reptilian mind. We begin to view their behavior as a symptom of hurt rather than evil. It’s the mind of the creator which is no longer explaining itself but now makes an effort to explain others. We also start to understand that the biggest force of life is not money, aggression or fear but love. We manage to see the beauty, vulnerability, and kindness of the earth and our place in it. Our own life starts to look less precious to us and trees, clouds, the wind or the moon feel most valuable to us. Urgency disappears, we are more observant and now able to think rationally.


Here comes the magic. What if you could find the key to access your higher consciousness all the time and start adjusting your life decisions according to your new abilities. Well, the magic component you need to understand is duality. Albert Einstein said: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.” And this is how it goes. Always keep in mind that your brain is already brilliant and awake, but first, you need to detach yourself from your ambition, emotion, and any desire and then differentiate your needs to your emotion. Okay, so now you probably think I want to create Frankenstein, but the fact is we should not trust our feelings! Our present reality is just an image created by ourselves and our surroundings. We are constantly exposed to advertising and social media. False intuition nowadays can have a harmful impact on us, and we should not rely on something so fragile like a bit of emotion. Detach yourself from yourself for a moment and decide your thinking while reprogramming takes place and over time becomes automatically once you persistently apply it. It is true self-love that provides the key to understand duality and therefore our true freedom, our life purpose and the magnificent feeling of true emotion.

Love, Aya ©





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