The Updated American Dream

In a world where you can be anything; what is it that you really want? The “American Dream” is yet just another step away from choosing the wrong path and falling in the circle of false desires over and over again. Never feeling truly fulfilled while losing  years to build a career that is not made for your true destiny. What happens when you settle in for something you’re not that into? Especially now people have the ability to chose globally for what they are looking for, which can lead to disorientation. Feeling lost sometimes can be part of our journey, but in fact it should not be that way. The following will reveal what it is we are striving for and how we can find peace among the way of developing our true life purpose.


On a warm day, a man took a long walk. Accidently and unaware he walked into paradise. He was tired after walking so much  and thought of resting somewhere. He saw a tree with green grass underneath. So he lay down there and fall asleep. A few hours later he woke up, well rested but a bit hungry. He thought about all the nicest things he ever wanted to eat in his life and instantly all of it appeared in front of him. Hungry people don’t ask questions, so the food came, and he ate. Then he got thirsty and wished for drinks. Immediately it appeared and he even got a little bit drunk.

What happens when we get everything we want? In other words, when we could be anyone we want to be? We start to become monkey’s, making unnecessary moves, losing control and even start to imitate others in terms of comparing and competing. That means having a full-time job of not being ourselves. These qualities of behavior are the same as of the one of an unestablished mind. Let’s end our little story.

The man with the mind of a monkey looked around him and questioned why the food came and the drinks. There must be ghosts around here, he thought. So ghosts resulted. He panicked the ghosts would surround and torture him. So they did. Screaming in pain, he started to think of how they would kill him and so he died.


This short story should demonstrate our thought process. It means don’t go looking for things you don’t want. To discover your life’s purpose, to work on yourself long term and never look back and regret your decisions you need to know what it exactly is that you want?

Luckily all humans thrive for the same things, catagorized in 4 dimensions. We all want pleasantness in ourselves and pleasantness around ourselves. Let me break it down for you. In our body, we call it health and pleasure. If it happens in our mind, we call it peace and joy. In our emotion it is love and compassion. If it is going on in our energy, we call it blissfulness and extasy.

Body – Health and Pleasure
Mind – Peace and Joy
Emotion – Love and Compassion
Energy – Blissfulness and Extasy

For the question of what you are looking for, this is it. No matter where you can find it, in particular. In no case you have to aim for being a saint, That’s for sure!

For example. A business man is sitting in a bar, boozed after a successful day surrounded by beautiful women but he still wants the same thing as someone sitting in the church having totally different perspectives of live. It is all about pleasantness within and pleasantness around. So, if this is what we want to create, I think its time to address it directly.


Your mind has essentials such as hunger and thirst which you need in silence. If you are hungry and someone gives you food, you will not hesitate to eat and the same is with thirst. Everything above our fundamental needs comes with questioning, doubts and fear. Living your purpose has already happened because it is you that has happened. And even if you fall a hundred times, it just means that there are a hundred things to learn. There is no such thing as failure.  When adjusting your environment with feelings of peace, joy, excitement and love for yourself and people around you, your mind gets organized and the way you think starts to become how you feel. Your emotions get stable, your energy follows. Your body adapts along the way, and so does the world and what you want to create for yourself. It is a phenomenon. In a period of four hours an eaten piece of bread can become human. There is something in us that allows the creation of life. A process which happens unconsciously but rapidly. You are not a mess, or lost, purposeless. You have the power to create for that reason you are a production. Not a saint but an individual.

Look, I don’t want you to be all peaceful and nerdy, but just to be aware of who you are and to wear it with dignity, pride and self-confidence for the human you are is not something you can define but something that defines itself. Develop yourself from being just a creation to the creator himself.

Love, Aya ©


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