Perfection And Loneliness

Do you ever find yourself going to bed lonley, wishing for the ideal partner to come into your life and make it complete? Dreaming about how life would be with the perfect person? I want to draw your attention to what it is exactly that is leaving you feeling empty at night and how to quickly fix it.

Comforting Illusion

We tend to look outside of ourselves for perfection. Some men are only looking for the way a woman carries herself. The way she looks and represents her image. On the other hand, women tend to value a guy not only by his looks but also on how independent and successful he gives  himself. We are looking for another half to complete our persona.

But always remember to fill your cup first. For now, your idea of perfection may be just another illusion of quick pleasure. Exposing your own head game by allowing imperfections to happen, revealing the misconception of your ideal, for the reason of an emotional growth and the comfort of later on true love.

Be simple in action and thought, patient according to how things are and compassionate toward yourself. And when the person comes who values you for you, with the same amount of love, patience and compassion, your perception of beauty will change for it was good to sacrifice accurate devotion for feelings of true emotion.

Ready For You In Time

Maybe it is good that your life does not feel perfect right now, for it would be a pity if you would find yourself not exploring the depth of your senses. What it means for you to love, starting by yourself. To be cold but create heat. Perfection is yet just another magic trick which only those can see who believe in its existence. Don’t aim to be an illusion. Be magic.

Love, Aya ©

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