Marshmallow Moon

An open space of joyful matter was making me smile every time I entered it. You lightened my thoughts, not knowing that I completely lost myself in you. My starved eyes never experienced the great, sparkle now from extasy, buzzed by the moment of feeling your presence. 

Teasing my way in the realm of your goddess, millions of tickling elves raise above my shoulders, melting together their power, to yet easily set me up with wings and make me fly for I have just understood what love is. I am flying for you, my love. Your tender approach hit me harder than any force on earth. Unarmed I am forever devoted to you. 

Now, tell me before you’ll leave me again. Who are you? Your game is too devine for me to understand, for I am just another girl who loves. But you keep reminding me for  your hungry need of me. Hurry now my love; I am dying. 

Fearless I have faced existing, proved you my brave Lionheart but yet still you try to play me, unconscious of the beauty you are revealed to.  Run love; soon there will be nothing left in me. Not even life itself. Before I’ll get to meet you, the thing you loved about me, the thing that changed you, will be dead. 

Enslave your pride, your overweight greed and anger and you’ll be forgiven. I already starved, prayed and served for the two of us. In return I want you to reveal your mellow face to me, for I could have never imagined that the moon does in fact really smile and just before I knew he did, he did it only for me.

Yours, Aya.©


One thought on “Marshmallow Moon

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