Yes-Man Extended

How to stay authentic in a conversation when there is an infinite amount of possibilities at any given point to react to something said? The balance between being nice but saying your opinion plays a significant role when you want to be respected and valued for your company and it all lays in the choice of your words. Here is my favorite trick on how to get people to like you but still be critical.



The art of connecting positively to people in a conversation while being a very honest and truthful friend lays in your ability to promote ideas. If you can show people that you like their opinion and agree with them, you’ll probably connect very quickly. Being a Yes Man is great, but for the reason of staying authentic on topics you may not agree with, just add an extension. In a small talk, this can happen very casually. When talking about serious topics like politics or religion, you may want to agree with what has been said and then point out what the differences in your opinion are. When you want to engage with the story that someone is telling you, try to recognise a fragment of the story by comparing it to something positive. Show your respond by pointing out the situations match. Keep in mind that it should just be for fun and make sure to tease a bit before you move to the next topic.


Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams wears a

We all have that one friend who is always up to something fun, but seems a bit lost. In his rush, he tends to agree with anything that someone throws at him. In the following, he quickly loses his reputation of being a good adviser and friend, which can lead to a severe identity crises, and all of it just because of a lack of communication skills and understanding progression. We should promote each other, and when you find a sad Yes Man advise him to always add an extension of his view. He’ll feel better and you too.

I hope this could inspire you to be a kind, encouraging person who cares but still is observant and critical. Make sure to leave a comment, if you agree but want to add your opinion which I’d love to read!

Love, Aya ©


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