Tyrion’s Manipulation Tricks

Due to the hype of Game of Thrones, AYATODAY reveals the characteristics of the wealthy dwarf, Tyrion Lannister. On the run from his ruling family, which wants him dead, he still manages to be one of the most influential players in the battle. By understanding manipulation techniques in communication, he can get people to do exactly what he wants them to do which makes him so powerful. Since I like you to have inside, here are Tyrion’s tricks.


anigif_original-grid-image-23754-1467013641-10gif.gifTyrion Lannister constantly asks the same question which is “What do you want?”. What he manages is the art of putting the desires of his opposition directly in line with his goals. The ability to not be selfish has to be learned! Speaking the language of the person, he is talking to and matching the choice of words to the understanding of his audience is one of Tyrion’s talents and one of the biggest mistakes in general communications.


giphy-4gif.gifHe always pays attention to clues someone gives him in small interactions. What are they interested in? Being careful on how facial expressions change when talking about different subjects such as Love, Money or Family while not ignoring the evidence of the truth that is lying in the micro expressions of his opponents can make a huge impact on the choice of later on used words. Reading intentions by monitoring feedback on lose terms is another great feature of Tyrion and “Cold reading” is also a must have skill nowadays.


tumblr_inline_o4tdk6eptz1t9s98p_500.gifTyrion listens carefully in which box his opponents had put him in and he is not making the effort to change their opinion. Many of us are making a mistake not listening good enough to figure out that the belief of somebody cannot be changed but can only be reacted to. The effective skill to react and not interact is what makes one a ruler.


kit.0.0.gifTo be ruled by someone can only be tolerated when the potential ruler experienced equal situations when not  even worst backgrounds. The fortune of connecting with people is given to Tyrion because he asks about their stories. You cannot pursuant someone you don’t understand. Influence is just a reminder of the ability to step into other worlds and identify.


Influence is not about convincing people to want different things that they already want. It’s about showing them that the way to get what they already want is by following you. To be a ruler can happen by being perfectly honest, just by seeking the understanding of People’s motivation and having enough credibility to make desires happen not only for you but for everyone around you.


A worthful ruler is someone who has the unique talent to cycle through possibilities of gold, land, pride and friendship smartly and understandable, not stuck in just one angle, deserving of trust by facing people eye to eye and brave enough to speak out loud for all of their individual needs while taking walks in their shoes, giving away his own. Therefore we have to differentiate between becoming a ruler and having the potential of being one. In the end, it’s all just pity party of political games which is played by the rich for centuries. But influence should never be defined by control, honesty should seek forgiveness and hope outline our ambition, for I believe this world is ready for the change.

Yours, Aya ©



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