How To Get A Guy’s Respect

If girls start to make the effort of the first move, maybe on social media, they often get excessively careful with their approach, are very well thought out, but unfortunately still overdone. A guy knows when a girl asks him to keep in touch or meet up sometime, it’s a strike before he even hit a ball. But the devastation of a potential romance can be prevented by understanding the significants of respect in relationships.

Girls, here are six tips on how to get a guy’s respect.



Always enforce your standards with action. That means, if you want him to change something, please do not talk it through more than once! Otherwise, you are not just annoying but not serious taken too. Next time he falls back in the old thing you didn’t like, let him feel a loss by changing your actions. He has to believe he will lose you if he doesn’t respect you enough to take your word with honour. This might be the biggest component of getting respect.



So, if you’ve made the first move and he didn’t reciprocate with the same effort, or you just feel he is not responding to the same attempt, and you fear he may be not that into you STOP chasing him! A girl with low self-esteem keeps pursuing no matter what a guy’s response is and you don’t want to be her. Don’t ever chase a man who won’t chase you!



Be willing to walk away if you feel not respected. Always love yourself first, so that the guy knows if he mistreated you, even though you love him, you will leave because you love yourself more! There should always be the fear of losing a person if not carrying adequate. Next time he treats you wrong, leave him if necessary.



You maybe heard this one before. Always pay for yourself on dates or at least offer too! If you always try to do your part, even though he is not accepting, you still earned his respect. Another big mistake girls do is to expect everything to be paid, which guy’s find very annoying! If he is gentleman enough to pay for you, look him in the eyes and just say “Thank you.”.



Have sex with him if you feel like it. Don’t overthink and wait for a “social norm” but on the other side wait until you feel comfortable with him. A guy respects a girl who can make healthy choices for herself and does what she wants on her terms. Don’t become a booty call by being predictable. Guys will always try to arrange sex as they feel the need, but you should still always be truthful to how you feel and communicate that otherwise, you may never get the chance to become his girlfriend and be respected.



In this world full of beautiful, smart and outgoing women, men started to evolve to sad players rather than honourable gentlemen, which is indeed depressing for both sides. But guy’s do wish to get the chance to fall in love in the process of chasing a girls heart. The final indicator for getting respect is to value life by living it consciously. Aim for being healthy, unique, loyal to your ethics and full of actions. Shoot for the stars, dedicate your time for what you believe in, take responsibility and don’t forget that you are born free! Your purpose is to be HAPPY, so always stay kind toward yourself. You are worthy just as you are and being loved by you a precious thing.

Love, Aya ©



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