POEM – Flavor Of The Night

There’s a hole in the river where a memory lies. From the land of the living to the air and the sky.

A girl arrives with wisdom in her eyes.
Bearing freedom within which seem never to die. She’s got many battles ahead, the obscure to spread.

Never ending roads while travelling with her will carry you away forever, says a whisperer. Her possessions are causing suspicion, but there is no proof. Her house has no roof.

She is hoping someday you’ll join. Wondering if you can.

Then you flipped the coin. Which shared a lonely fly;

For the whisperer anticipates a cry,
You knew nothing to reply.

The following tortures you,
Punishes your views.

Scares you till you flavor despair
And the force brings a smile on your lovely killers face.

Time stands still.
Now, all you dream of is a thrill,

Her touch and her kiss
As whisperers push you to resist.

Murdered from inside
you aim to remember her eyes.

Quietly and to your surprise
You realise you have survived.

To look upon the sky
And discover something to fight.

When the moon is the only light
and what you fear is the night,

You long for yesterday,
for she is still in your mind.

Yours, Aya©

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