3 Powerful Manifestation Modes – Buddha

Have you ever questioned if your view on certain things changes the way of their happening? Do you experience changes as opportunities or do you see them as roadblocks? Buddha said, “Observe the sensations, observe the emotions, and observe your true nature.” The following blog will reveal the answer, sorted in Synchronicity, Excitement and Release.



The meaning that has been attached to life events changes your approach and therefore how things end up. That means, what you see with your selective focus also called RAS or Reticular Activating System will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“If you notice, a baby, a child, it cries only when it needs milk, or when it has to go to sleep or it needs something. But when the needs are taken care, a child is happy, joyful. A baby will look at its own finger and it’s happy. It’s not even looking at its finger; it’s happy, simply joyful, because joy does not need a reason. Laughter does not need a joke;”
– artofliving.org, Buddha – Manifestation of Silence

If you see things happening to you as roadblocks, you create them as such. Defining them as opportunities is what shows their potential! Simply realise them as part of the process of your life journey. In every case, you should trust your destiny. Everything is connected and if you treat it like that things will start working for you. So, if you want to experience certain things in your life, you have in order to get the chance to experience them, be like that in the first place. Labeling things as opportunities will create the signs of your path. Your focus is essential to be able to see it! Self-limiting beliefs and doubts are stopping you to claim up to the manifestation of your desire.



A passionate state of being is considered to release energies and a driving force that provides the will to take action. When you follow excitement, you are giving in to the least resistents towards feeling and getting what you want to experience. Think of passion as your roadway of getting what you want. Things will start to move quickly in an environment of passion. Ask yourself:

Am I in a flow state?
Do I feel passionate about what I am doing?
Can I label and identify what I am doing as my passion?

Sometimes being present in the moment and deciding to be passionate is enough. As you grow your level of passion and fill your time with things that excite you, opportunities grow, and your destination becomes closer.


“But, passion can be misleading. You can be passionate about something totally irrational, as a result of misguided or unknown (subconscious) values. Most people don’t consciously deliberate about and choose their values, much of that process is done subconsciously as a result of our education, environment, and upbringing.”
– quora.com – Justin Chase, Founder and Autor of Pursuer of Happiness



The outcome should come naturally. That means you have to let go of the phrases “how” and “should” happen. If you let go of the expectation of how things should happen you are coming your manifestations much closer. Feel it already experienced with much joy and happiness. That’s the reason why when people give up or surrender magic happens.


It is called releasing resistance. This powerful mode breaks down what you want to experience in a single emotion. Your job is to consciously engage this feeling in your day. That can be applied for financial freedom or happy relationships among other things. Gratitude for relationships you already have or appreciation for the little money you maybe earned a week ago can change your perception of life and make you happier. Look at close friends and family members. Appreciate them more and as you feel the gratitude for having those, you are going to start to match to that experience and find yourself more open to that feeling while receiving love just by loving more and more conscious.

“Observe the sensations, observe the emotions, and observe your true nature. What is the true nature? It is peace, it is compassion, it is love, its friendliness and it is joy. And silence gives birth to all this. Silence swallows the sadness, guilt, misery, and gives birth to joy, compassion, and love.”
– artofliving.org, Buddha – Manifestation of Silence


Money represents security, freedom. You can be thankful for your car because it takes you to places. Or be grateful for your free time. Let go of the outcome and be more present. In relationships, love because you love. As you do that, trust the process, allow everything  to happen to you spontaneously, and things will quickly be better. Even better than your ego could have ever managed to imagine. As you let go of force, your desires start to manifest in greater ways than you pictured them in the first place. Thanks to Mother Nature, we are already perfect. We just need to trust a bit more.

Love, Aya.




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