My experience with veganism.

I always hated dieting. Especially if I have to eat something, I don’t like. For example, white foods, like cheese or mayonnaise or even olives I despise to this day. Being a picky eater for all I can remember, the only choice I had is to get into good habits. My lifestyle change into veganism unsealed the access into a new world; I still find myself living and hoping in.

Back then I struggled a lot with health issues, which were the beginning reason for me of changing my diet, but I am going to write about that another time. Counting three years back I got introduced to veganism by “Freelee“. Her diet, called “RawTill4”, a high carbohydrate, low fat, low protein program, allows you to eat an unlimited amount of fruit until 4 pm, followed by a cooked dinner.  The cooking was effortless. Freelee’s Diet consists only of carbs. Now you got interested? I was too! 🙂


A day in the life

For breakfast I usually had half a melon, followed by a bunch of nectarines or other fruits and of course lots of bananas to keep me satisfied. Not to forget, dried fruit as a snack. I ate as I felt hungry with no limitations, as long as it was fruit. For dinner, I loved French fries, Curries or Sushi. You can find the recipe for the original Rawtill4 French fries here.


What made my age go backwards.

The good thing of it was, that I was not only detoxing, but I was losing a lot of weight! As my blood fat decreased, my metabolism was able to burn the excess simple sugars in a process called dietary thermogenesis. Over the period of 3 months strictly eating Rawtill4, and a moderate amount of sport, for example hiking, I lost 5 kg, and my skin looked two years younger. I was fully hydrated, provided with all vital nutrients, was energiesed, always positive and I got a believer.


The downside

I had to get rid of salt and oils. For dinner, I just needed some rice, potatoes and vegetables. I loved to make curries and soups. The philosophy is to keep it very simple and whole foods. Sometimes, when nothing was in the house, I ate plain rice with some strawberry jam for dinner.

Even though I eat differently now, I still love fruit in the morning and am still vegan. This diet hydrates and fuels my body with simple sugars that my brain and system needs to function at its best AND I am saving the lives of innocent animals and their families. 

Much love, Aya.

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