How I Found Dedication.

In case you are bored of the phrase “find a dedication” I have to admit I am too! We all read and hear it a thousand times. The phrase on its own certainly does not help, so I’m going to share exactly what brought me “dedication”.

Well, first things first. I had to get rid of stuff that was consuming my time without benefiting me and my future. To do so, I wrote down what I want and don’t want in life. With that, I stopped pretending. If something is not funny, I don’t laugh. Simple as that.

Being honest and genuine while saying “no” made me have all the options I had before, but with the benefit of doing them on my terms.  With this powerful tool of knowing what I want and what not I was able to start moving forward in the process of creating a better version of myself.


Step by step I began to include people, places and activities in my life which I liked and wanted. First, it was just things that looked interesting to me. I listened to my inner voice and reacted to it. I felt like I wanted to write, so I bought this web space and invested immediately. After that, I started to write. In the beginning, it was a mess, not good at all but eventually, I got better. Why? Because I wrote every day minimum half an hour. Why? Because I know I have to go the way. There are no short cuts.

On the way, I also chose people on purpose to hang out with in my free time. I even found a mentor. I took my time and regulated my life from ground zero. This time to accomplish and fulfil MY needs. That’s why my approach was very directly and sorted. I knew what I wanted, and who can give it to me.

Later on, all of it made sense, and I found my purpose and dedication. In that case, I understood that every new positive feeling, even the smallest one, is benefitting my future. Now, the things that surround me are things that nurture me with motivation, inspiration and love.

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My advise:

  1. Take a paper and write down what you want in life and what you don’t want.
  2. Then write down what you love.
  3. Include people, activities and places that share the same love and write them down.
  4. Set a small goal that would make you happy for the next day and go to bed.
  5. Wake up and take a shower. Dress nicely, put a smile on your face and go outside.
  6. Now read your list. What do you want? What do you like? What do you LOVE.
  7. Just do it!

With that’s being said. Much love,
Yours, Aya.

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