Behavior Change And Life Goals

Four months ago I moved to Vienna and immediately started to adapt. While living on my own, I realised the importance of self-responsibility. As Aristotle believed:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

So, I initiated a new beginning.

Fun Planning

Happy to finally be on my own, I set down and wrote life goals.  Looking around, I realised that my apartment was entirely untouched, which reflected on my soul and me. Good habits should soon replace that lovely emptiness.  First I started to plan a schedule for the week in which my goals will come nearer every day.

I woke up earlier, ate healthier and more frequently, worked out every other day and cultivated a decent work ethic. Besides that, I started to motivate myself and not let things be undone. This immediate response and force not only benefited my life in general but also filled me up with energy! Read about my mindset in my psychological articles. For example:
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My advice

Write down your goals, continued with minimum amounts of work that you must get done every single day to make them a reality.


Behavior Change

Forgive yourself on bad days. You see, motivation comes from your environment which should allow you to bloom. On its own, motivation does not change behaviors. Create simplicity in your home, for your way to the gym and dedicate minimum half an hour on focused work, or at least research for your goal daily.

I hope this helped you get a direction on how life goals are done.  My next blog will be about “Focused Work” and until then I wish you much happiness and love,

Yours, Aya.

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