Hello, my name is Aya and I am counting 26 years of collecting experiences. Depressed ones, when I worked a job that I didn’t liked. I was under a lot of pressure. There were expectations that I just could not manage to satisfy. But I quit that job and all toxic relationships, moved to Vienna and opened a door to a new beginning. Read what happened in my blog “Creators vs. Dictators“.

Now I am back in the city that has left me broken. With a different job! Thanks to the power of creation! 🙂 Belgrade is still the same as it was before I left, but some things have changed.


Personally, I cannot say I had an easy life. Since I can remember I had to face big emotions which made me love management and psychology so much. The time living on my own in Vienna made me realize that I am responsible for myself. I had to learn to give reason to my actions at any given moment, not only to be a better understandable human but also to continue growing and changing.

“Sometimes you cannot change what surrounds you, so you have to change yourself.”

Now, I dedicate my life to help people see clear, if they have lived under the influence of false intuition and unconscious manipulations. I educate to differentiate what pays off in the long run safely. And that will always be “the truth”. There is no need for playing games to get some desire, or faking until making. I assist to gain power over the creation of a thought and in that case, clean up heads from outstanding influences. I want you to help you understand yourselves.



“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison

What do you think about releasing the resistance of the impact someone or something has on you? Being free from opinions? Deciding for yourself. Discover my principles in“Fish in the pool of great ideas”.


My simple goal is to be free and set free. Physically and mentally. My goal is to find friends, stable emotions and be an expert in a project called “The Space Of Perception“.

What is your goal? And have you find significance out of this article? Let me know!

Much love, Aya.

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