The Four Agreements To More Fulfillment

This four agreements changed my life so positively that I am very excited to share it with you now!

Let’s jump right in, shall we? 🙂

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not. -Valerie Bertinelli


When I realized that people react out of their reality of assumptions, I stopped taking anything personally.  I understood that nothing they do is because of me.  Everybody wants to fulfill a dream and has some struggles.


My advise: If you were meant to be controlled, you would have come with a remote! Pridefully own your dreams and reality.  Be immune to other peoples opinions and actions and for that reason, stay unique and happy!

“Let me do me, you do you!”


Fairness, honesty, and credibility can underline someone’s beauty so effortlessly, that love always follows. I discovered the more truthful I am with my words, the better situations turn out for me. The truth is nothing but an ingredient for fulfillment! 


My advise: Try to stick to what matters, the truth but also make room for a touch of charismatic highlighting and playfulness, which can make any conversation with you even more lovely. Avoid gossip, don’t talk about yourself badly and try to see something positive in every situation.


“Aya, you know nothing.” I seriously tell that myself before I go mad and it calms me down every time.tumblr_inline_n1udqw5APu1r6bnhi.gif What I have learned is that in conversations, misunderstandings can happen, but we should not make unnecessary assumptions.

My advise: In situations where you just don’t get someone or the other way around,  try to communicate what you want clearly and ask questions if you don’t understand someone’s point of view. #GameChanger!



Be the best version of yourself. For me it means, to always try to do my best. Especially when I do something for others, I put in more attention and care. Of course, some circumstances can have effects on the performance, for example, sickness. But with avoiding self-judgment and regret everybody can shine and feel the love from every side all the time!

My advise: Put a smile on your face. Don’t bring everybody down. Just be the most kind and grateful person you know! Everything else will follow! 🙂


I hope you are motivated to carry your most magnificent vibes with you. 

Leave a comment or a like, or share this to a friend or community if you agree to the content!

Much love, Aya.

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