Morning Routine / Fall ’17

Good morning!  As usual, I wake up around 8 am. The first thing I do once I’m awake is to cuddle with my dog. It sets the day with lots of love and is probably the best part of my morning. 🙂

I am a light sleeper, so the night before ended with a warm tea, candles and a bath. This combination is my go to if I need to calm my mind after an idea full day. Switching the lights out around 8 pm also helps to stimulate melatonin levels in the brain which contribute to a deeper sleep.

Eventually, I get myself out of the warm, comforting bed to use the bathroom. I find it helpful to have my beauty products visible, so I never skip using them. Little secret: What changed my hair and skin over the last year was coconut oil! I use it every day. Here are some tips and tricks by the beautiful Bry Jaimea.

 Then I go to the kitchen and start making fresh lemon juice water. Drinking enough water, especially in the morning, helps ensure that the body can perform most efficiently. Proper hydration is not only good for the digestion, liver and lymph system, but it also leads to a younger looking appearance, especially infused with lovely lemons.

As I am the first one to wake up, I love to surprise with a hearted breakfast. Today we have overnight oats in a jar, which wait for us in the fridge. The combination of cold vanilla oats and warm berries is like love in a jar. Little secret: Feng Shui your life! Try to make every thing look, smell and feel appealing. Not only your home but your food as well.  Remember, you are more than your body’s needs!

Before we eat, I light up incense sticks and candles, play calming music and meditate about 15 minutes. Being centered is what makes me motivated to stick to what matters in life. Unhealthy distractions are all over the place, and I am more than happy I have it figured out. If you are interested in calming the mind, read my article Anxiety – 3 Grounding Principles To Calm Down Quickly and for a better understanding of your mind read Fish In The Pool Of Great Ideas.

The next and most important part of my morning is focused work. I always start with the hardest task to reach a high-power performance right away and work my way through the goals I set up for this day.

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Yours, Aya.


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