Youtube and How to deal with change.

Change. Personally, it meant looking outside of the box. Finding new ways to reach people to connect with and spread the message of awareness. Practically speaking, I started a youtube channel. Instantly I had to find out how scary it is. My first video is ready to be uploaded but waits for me saying “LET’S JUST JUMP RIGHT IN.”

I am talking about success, yet I am just starting out. Ahhh… Yes, there is fear!! It is the unknown. The jump into cold waters. How will people receive my message? Am I understandable? I cannot tell. .. The more I think about it the worst it gets, so I am defining it as excitement from now on. Speaking up, being free and playful. As a kid, I loved to explore and argue, even though the other kids were little bastards, lol. I am still alive, so what can happen? Love never left me broken. I believe.


To beneficially manage my project I looked up methodologies. “The 3 Phases of Change management” from prosci helped me a lot. Structured thinking definitely makes it a lot easier to approach adjustments in a career. This is what they say.

“Change management requires both an individual and an organizational perspective.”

The next chart describes our organizational management and what we have to expect while adapting and changing.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.58.19 AM

Let’s do it!

I am transitioning and very excited about it! Tell me, what do you think about youtube? And what would you like to see more on youtube?

To end this blog, I wrote a little poem. 🙂

Moon Girl

One day I decided to run.
Borrowing the light
beyond the horizon,
closer to fulfillment.
Where to go from here?
Left-hand man is
further from knowing.
Lower your resistance, he said.
Magician or adviser?
Wisdom or persona?
Do what you love,
Reflect the sun.

Until you read me next time, remember to keep yourself where the light is.

Yours, Aya.

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