11 Ways To Deal With Criticism

Are you getting criticised and don’t know how to handle it. You are feeling unmotivated and misunderstood? Here is a help. Let’s jump right in!


Every person has its concept of the world. The perceptions of the critic’s mind can underestimate your abilities and are not true! Growth means stepping out of the comfort zone and experiencing new ways to approach a goal. A lot of times this happens with making mistakes, but it is not defining who you are. Just move on.


Who are you surrounding yourself with? Some people are just trying to bring you down because they don’t know better for themselves. Share your stuff with light-minded people who will not bring you down but uplift your ideas and tries.


Criticism builds up resistance which makes it harder for you to free your mind for new ideas. Making room for inspiration after receiving criticism is a beautiful way to handle disapproval. Center yourself in some ‘me-time’ and try to relax and de-stress. That means to not rush into changing something but to meditate and free your mind again so that creativity can flow back.


“Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” If by any chance you want to be something you have to accept the fact that people will have opinions about it. Every time you get criticised ask yourself “Am I worthful a ruler?” “Can I handle criticism and not fall into pieces?” Yes, you can! You are!


Someone has taken the time to analyze your situation and make an opinion. Dear, you are amazing. Your critics love you; they just don’t tell. 🙂


People tend to crave quick results and feedback. Cheap attention will fade just as quickly as it arrived. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a great success aim for long-term goals. Deserve gratification by making sacrifices, and it will last longer and be more fulfilling.


It’s not the time for an identity crisis yet. Get yourself together. Without trying something, you will never know. Don’t let your ego masters your mind! Good affirmations can help to swift fear to excitement. Tell yourself over and over again “I am feeling excited about it!” You are great! You will make it!


Have you tried to touch shame? You see, it’s not existing! Choose what you want to feel. An established mind is apparently in the knowledge of the Maya and for that case guild and shame are just an illusion you can easily say no to.


Aim to be productive. That means to consider criticism while efficiently balancing different possibilities for decisions in your mind to find the best option to solve your problem. Be flexible!


Creative people tend to be vulnerable about their creations. Realise that what you do is impressive! You are doing something that is coming out of your mind! It is you! Fitting in a norm would make you forgettable. You would disappear. Better own it and be an individual!


Every time someone tells you something negative take it as a fuel to prove them wrong. Be strong. There is someone that is believing in you! And if there is nobody yet, be patient. Never stop chasing your dreams! It will come, as long as you stick to perceiving it.

I hope this helped you widen your space of perceptions on the subject you were interested in. I’m out, until the next time keep yourself where the light is.

Yours, Aya.

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