The Sun And The Moon Collide

I love you, moon for we share craters wider than our smiles; sharper than a mystic cut; clumsier than a single glory sitter; The night, our curse as loneliness its fragile insane guide; vanished as we opened our eyes, inhaled hints of life and received the day which completed the night.

Precious sun you burned me blind. I became the moons thicker side; Awake I share into a shadows mind.  Obeying to angelic symphonies, delight essences and spirits squirting to storms that outgrow my mind. Sweet fantasy, so bright; so fruitful, no-one of harm; why you always unhand my arm? I gave in to the glorious love that relinquished burying my life.

Quietly glims of god appeared in a dream of closed eyes. While the moon remains a shallow believer; The heart resides blooming in the light of the sun. Every beating hit with a renewal of a despairing try to breathe or hide. The substance of my misguided attempt is closer to heaven as the light does arrive. Burden me and core you I chose to give my love to. Pass me the anchor. Hear the gardens effortless blossoms laugh for I am about to collide.

In divinity, Aya.


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