Distance what do you even mean? You can be driven, but you can also be felt. You can be measured, but you can change. We travel hours for what we once wished for in a second. Take a trip to what has become so near. Where does distance begin? The closer you come the more you disappear. If in a second a thousand miles vanished, we came closer than we thought we ever could melt together for both of us would perish and distance would become inevident and unreal. I question separation for I see your heart unchained. The more essential sounds the gods sing for a minute you are the light and easy to reach. Love does begin unchained for both of us have to be free. It seems like distance relates to our needs. It is a decision the heart makes for a bird never measures the way but the speed. Two instruments can play two songs but they can create harmony and peace in rhythm and pace for they differences melt perfectly and distance disappears. We still have nothing to lose for life is a gift, and we share the same presence, no matter how far apart or close we are. The heart space that is filled with light don’t know the distance for it has become the souls divine mirror, reflecting love which he owns and cannot take or earn. The range is a choice for it can make some an individual day in day out. You come and go. But so beautiful it can play in a frequency of divinity which needs is a collide. For separation does not exist and time the old illusionist. With the wink of my eye I quietly and to your surprise separate myself from space and time to create a world higher than its previous shine.

Love, Aya.

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