A letter to love

Dear love,

I don’t want you to write me how much you love me a million times a day.

I don’t want to receive a hundred of hearts in text messages. And I don’t want you to do something extra for me.

I want what I deserve. I want your respect. I want your appreciation. Not more and not less.

Please don’t overwhelm me with your love. The man gave love expectations.

I will not make you feel special. I will make you feel free.

Hear me when I say that I am honoring you. I am here to support your best interest because I respect you. You will never feel misunderstood again.

Life is beautiful. See me. I express my experiences through paintings, music, texts, poems and food I prepare. I tune into many aspects of life and all of it holds one identical ingredient.

You can call it friendship, relationship or marriage. If you feel like giving it a name call it love.

I name it Peace. That’s all I need. So I name you peace.

in divinity, Aya.

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