Independent Individual (script)

Playing in the backyard I’ve been growing strange fruit on a tree until I heard a whisper in my ear.

Aya: “You’ve got mud on the leaves.”

Me: “Who?”

Aya: “The moon.”

Me: “What?” (Turning around and seeing noone.)

Aya: “I’m not you nor you me.”

Me: “I don’t understand.” (Thinking if this is really the place to be?)

Aya: “Give up this whole lie, this whole ‘me’.”

Me: “I’ve got mud on the leaves?” (Giggling)

Aya: “Characters of illusion.”

Me: “I see.” (As I clean up I realize a truth. A lot distracts me from purity. One nourishes my heart. I commit to myself by committing to her. I will adapt to the absolute intention of unity with my action of focused attention to one and restore integrity by example.)

Love, Aya.

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