The purpose of my life – SINGAPORE BLOG

09.02.2018 I am in Singapore in the Botanic Gardens listening to Chopin and enjoying the view at the Symphony Stage. It cannot be more idyllic. Life is great! Or?

Something has captivated my mind. – All people are equal but are learning to empower their individuality. There is no manual for my life. No one can show me how to be me. Self-developers know, life is not a piece of cake. Let the questioning begin. 🙂

What should I do with my life? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Yes? I guessed so.

I look at my brown leathered book. ” The Moon Girl”. My home. It came into my hands in the most lost but most inspired mood and it literally gave me back my life.

So what to do with it? Well, … let’s write in it, shall we? 🙂

Dear Me,

Thank you! You make life to an everlasting party. You are a fucking rock star. I want you to remember how you sit here on the grass in this marvelous open space and experience being. You or let’s say I see people passing by me. They had come to visit the garden. For me, it is far more than a visit. I merge with the magical green scenery. I am one with nature. Still not fully in tune. The question of my life’s purpose punishes me too much.

Me (frustrated to find the answer): “What do you need?” 

Inner guidance (Immediate voice respond): “Give me more time!” 

While I breath and focus on the book I realize that I rush around a lot lately to create something for the people. My heart seems not fully in it. I suffer like this. It’s hard to focus right now and I lack creativity.

Talking to Another Solo World Traveller

Someone is taking a lot of pictures of me from a distance for some time. I guess I seriously am the typical dreamer, lol. .. “You look like an angel” he said.

He stands close by me and I feel that he is good-hearted. I also feel blessed.

He asks to meet up for a date and my answer is my email address for the photos, light, love and a genuine “GO, GO, GO”. Literally.  Why? Simply because I am not a date.

Alien Alert

The reason I travel and explore is to widen my space of perceptions. I practice what I preach. I look for different aspects of myself. So, why did I send the nice guy away with three ultimate rejecting fists in the head?

Well, let’s look around. Magic surrounds me. I receive messages from several life forms and numbers. Trees are breathing. The winds softly remind me of the inevitable truth of constant change. Everything is my reflection.

Looking closer I realize that I am the only one barefoot and baby-faced, questioning the truth of thoughts while breathing inspiration. Alien alert. :))

The people are just to busy to join me. They are in a rush to achieve something that validates their existence. Who are you? All that matters to you is the result. Your goal. The strive for completion and validation. Is it you who thinks that love has something to do with validation? If so, think again. Wo are you?

Little word game – With the rush, you’ll get the hush. Literally.  No inner voice or guidance. No peace and no freedom but a lot of expectations and schedules.

So, back to the guy asking me for a date. 🙂

He who is also travelling alone is asking me in the most honourable manner for an appointment, a “date” in his words, with the intention to share a moment with me when actually we just have a moment. Right now. NOW. He certainly is not aware of that. Life is so beautiful, so I decided to mirror his fear with three GO’s.

Why does one limit itself for something in the future when in reality the truth lies in front of one smiling like an angel? I am coming closer to learn my lesson.

Ginger Garden

The world is so loud and so quiet at the same time. I move to the little White Castle in the Ginger Garden. As I close my eyes to sleep I listen closely to what surrounds me. So many noises. Distractions. I look up to the sky and surrender to it all for I get appreciated with a godly moment of complete silence. This is it. I don’t expect more from life.

It already is.

Closing thoughts

Yes, I can create anytime anywhere. In the heat and in the cold. My heart may not be in there full time. So whats that good for? Practice you might say. Well, I am born ready. My vulnerability serves my creation. It opens hearts. Maybe not the masses but I am good with influencing my surroundings positively. My experience is pure. I am open. I am awake. Life is beautiful. Why should I drill myself into finding a reason of my existence with a label that I give myself, a schedule I live by which includes approval and in that sense ego nuggets. In actuality I am here right now living my life’s purpose to the fullest.

I am an artist.
Today I write. Tomorrow I’ll be on Youtube making you laugh when I let you see my crazy VLOG.  I’ll surely put all of myself into what I create. Authentically. I love to share. In the future, you’ll hear sounds with my essence. Music from the heart. Paintings. Pictures of captured emotions. Beauty. Art.

My heart feels light again. I feel relieved. Thank you for freeing me.

Infinitely, Aya.

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