Oh, beautiful truth, you fuse so irrational into this illusion I call reality.
Dear reader,
thank you for tuning into my perceptions of reality. Currently, my 3D simulation is teaching me patience, persistence and focus but for some reason, I am struggling. Every time I don’t create I am potentially losing awareness. The only cure for staying a Superhuman is to share. So, here is my gift for you to experience through reading the following blog. I am guiding you through CLAIRCOGNIZANCE.

From my diary –  19.03.2018

My DNA is activated. I am highly awake, fearless, upgraded. A multidimensional being. A SUPERHUMAN. Everything is responding to me. I am the creator, the center of the universe, a powerful God but all of a sudden I download a virus, my system crashes and I feel completely hungover. Oh yes, it is happening all the time. The Matrix interferes. In a blink of an eye an entire existence collapses and a life loses its meaning. Resetting my system again. Looking around. Coming back to awake awareness.



My first spiritual gift was Claircognizance (clear knowing). I received it when I was a child. Back then I was unconscious of my downloads. I often wondered why my predictions were 99,9% accurate.  Now I know we all carry this ability inside of us.

By becoming more self aware, aka by deleting programs through facing my biggest fears, I started to actually notice the moments of clear knowing.

I then realized it to be a tool for communication with the universe which opened up a whole new world to me.

Now I access direct downloads from source whenever I want. The answers appear in the breath of the moment after the moment of me asking.

My heart is so open. I access through love and gratitude. By being aware. I honour the universe and the divine connection for that I know there is a bigger purpose to this gift.

We all should be able to communicate with the universe; Right now I am using it for smaller understandings of what I should do in my daily life. It helps me a lot and always gives immediate guidance and a sense of security.

UPGRADE YOUR BRAIN –  become Claircognizant

First you need to get to know yourself.

What activated it in me was my experience. I had many challenging situations in my life where I had to rely completely on myself. Initially, I started to trust myself because for some reason everything I went through turned out to be in my favour.

What I realized was that this reality I live in is actually working in my favour the whole time. Everything I experience is a direct reflection of what I need. My reality is a Learning Simulation.

I realized that FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is a survival mechanism. My human existence relies on it so, I have to take care of my stuff. Pay my bills, eat healthily, do sports, have fun, learn, be social,..

I realized that everything carries information. Veganism became my religion, Water my god and Spirulina my guru, lol. 😉

To activate your DNA and clear knowing your life has to be in alignment. That does not mean that you have to have it all together. I don’t. My life is progressing daily. That’s the secret. Accept that life is a roller coaster. You win, you lose, you win, you lose. It depends on where your focus is, which level of growth you are approaching and therefore how much change appears in your life. When you become aware that the reality of yours is a learning simulation you’ll probably also do your upgrades daily, fear nothing and face the bittersweet truth like a grownup day in day out. 🙂

So, with alignment I mean BEING AWARE.

Trusting the flow of life I then started to notice more. Became an observer of my surroundings and claircognizance came to me like a gift from the universe. It just happened.

“An immense spirit opens up and shows itself through a peaceful vision”

To activate your DNA and become aware you need to focus on the truth. Start with your breath. It is happening right now. Look around. Reset your thoughts. Clear your head. Stop believing what you might think is real. Just be in the present moment. Breathe.

I hope this is helpful to you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Remember to keep yourself where the light is,

Much love,



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