The sound of the universe

Having activated DNA makes you hungry for information. Me in my Superhuman dress better known as Spiritbody went for a hunt. I detached from my physical self and excessed source information. Once again I faced infinity. But with a question.

“Universe, please show me sound” -AYA

What I discovered was profound. A tool you can use to see if you are currently under mind control.

People try hard to manifest their dreams. They focus on what they want, visualize pay checks in their postboxes, the call of their boss promoting them, the ex calling for reunion but somehow it just isn’t working.

The question arrises – How to know if  I am actually manifesting my dreams?

Here is what I discovered to make you realize if your thoughts are helping your dreams come closer or if you are currently ruining your plans without even noticing.

This is a powerful tool I accessed directly from extraterrestrial intelligence using sound waves. I call it


Let me break this down step by step before I let you start to dive into your reality using this tool.

CLAIRAUDIENCE (clear hearing)

Being born with both parents being musicians, sound is my second nature. I knew I had to concentrate on sound using my Superhuman awareness of infinity.

“This intense urge to reconnect with nature and the universe charges me” -AYA
Being a fearless badass, I jump right into pure sound frequencies.
Everyone who does meditation knows how easy you feel like losing your shit with pure tones.
Side note – You will never be the same after realizing the importance of this article. Read it till the end and then do the test, so it really works for you. You have to have full awareness.
I experimented a lot with different frequencies. The ones really catching my attention were 432Hz and 528Hz.
Here are some crazy facts I found out about them harmonizing together.
Most music we hear is designed to control our behaviors. The songs you hear while shopping clothes, eating out or while being in a club is played to make you consume more, become anxious and aggressive. Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kanye and all other music you hear in your day to day life is tuned into 440Hz. As we know frequencies create vibrations, which create form. Now look at that difference shown here in a Water Experiment.

Water Experiment

The 432Hz frequency appears much more complex, symmetrical and beautiful then th 440Hz. And now look at this magical beauty called 528Hz.


The question is:
Are my thoughts helping me or destroying me?
So, let’s get rolling. You are ready.
We will use 432Hz, because in my study this was the only one which worked perfectly for this test.
Grab some headphones. Play the tone loudly. Sit or lay down. Close your eyes.
1) Start to focus on the sound vibrating inside of your head.
2) Visualize it as a living being somewhere in the middle of your brain.
Quick tip: If you struggle, just focus on the lower backside of your head and then circle around the outer corners to then center your focus again in the middle where the tone vibrates the most.
3) Surrender to the frequency through analyzing its shape and movement. Be a fucking scientist. A doctor. Do a surgery on this sound. Analyze the shit out of its being. You become aware of the millions of particles. You look at the sound through a magnifying glass.
4) Completely drift into it. You are one with the frequency. Your entire body vibrates to it.
You are ready: Soon you will discover that it is hard to maintain your focus. Your mind will drift off and this is the moment of THE TEST.
5) Allow your mind to think. You will notice that every time your mind drifts off into thinking negative thoughts, worries, doubts,.. the frequency will try to adjust itself. You will actually hear the frequency lowering. THIS IS THE PROOF OF YOUR MIND BEING OUT OF ALIGNMENT AND THE TRUTH.
6) You will feel physical pain when thinking thoughts which are slowing down your progress manifesting the life you always wanted to live.
7) You are now becoming aware of your thoughts, thinking patterns, mind controlling programs and the fears resolving from it.
8) Meditate like this an hour before you go to bed. Again, allow yourself to drift off into thinking when you feel like you have built a stable connection to the 432Hz frequency. Observe your physical reactions thinking thoughts about your daily life. The more you do this the better. You will soon be able to control your mind completely. You will be free from all the lies holding you back from realizing your true potential, worth and loving nature of yours. You are protected.
Currently I meditate on the 432Hz Pure tone for at least 2 hours a day.

My personal experience being clairaudient

Doing this practice I now notice extraterrestrial sounds coming in. I am able to mute the frequency to allow a blank space. Then I start to channel information from the universe.
I ask like this: “Please angels, my guides, beloved source give me more information. I am open. I let you enter my body now. There is no free will. Please, leave more wisdom and knowledge. I am ready to receive. Thank you. I love you.”
Sometimes I cannot decode the information at the point of their happening which I am not very happy about.
I mainly hear cracks, short high tones, long pitched tones, and the frustrating hard to grasp “talking voice” which sounds like nonsense and is very intense but still hidden somewhere. I noticed that I download these later on that day or night, in a dream or a conversation. It just rushes through me.
I also meditate on other sounds. The one freeing my heart, mind and body in the most intense, soft and liberating way is:
Try it out and leave me a comment. :))
“We are ONE.” – AYA
Especially the first moments coming back to 3D are strange. Taking my headphones off I still hear a lot of extraterrestrial sounds coming in. Again, it frustrates me at this moment to not be able to decode the sounds right away. I take a moment to let them sink in, I thank the universe, look around and I become aware my reality and continue with my life.

Closing thoughts

Becoming free was not easy. This affirmations saved my life.
Tell yourself this everyday
I am worthy.
I am seen.
I am loved.
I deserve to smile.
I deserve loving relationships.
I deserve to be happy.
Everything I need is here.
Everything happens for a reason.
Everything happens for me.
I chose freedom.
I chose happiness.
I chose love.
May all beings feel my love.
May all beings be happy.
May we all live liberated.
In honorable service of the divine,

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