The Dangers of “WE ARE ONE”

In this article I want to draw attention to the dangers of a false interpretation of the New Age Mentality “We Are One” and the possibility of it becoming a new limited Religion instead of its original purpose of ultimate Freedom


As a highly sensitive person, I experience immense suffering living on Earth currently. The contradictory assessments of humanity for union, the unwillingness to commit, to care and to trust the closest to you is widely unrecognized. People fear contrast, change and depth.

You create your own reality.

“Positivity can become a curse for some looking for a cure.”  -AYA


The World provides a breeding ground for individuals to generalize everything in order to keep their minds focused on goodness, spiritual growth and achievements. But some people born on Earth have different concepts of life then the social norm. Their approach in thinking and feeling in terms of seeing things as good and bad may also differ. Expressing their truths brings other people to avoid them. Not being understood and actualized in their fullest potentialities is not just a life of misery for them but holds the evolution of mankind back.

I am free.

“Encouragement in the New World is an unwanted reminder of limited beliefs.” -AYA

I am talking about inventors, revolutionists, developers, philosophers or artists of any kind. The “Übermensch” or “Superhuman” is a term significantly used by Friedrich Nietzsche. The way these people view reality differs to the norm which can  lead to immense suffering and separation when not being consciously approached by the closest to them. Society may start to criticize  them for having an inability to see things clear, a mental disorder. In the spiritual community those people can be titled as controlling, negative thinkers or even be seen as ungrateful. But those assumptions are far from the truth. In fact assumptions in general are judgements. And those unconscious subjective opinions for the “Objective Greater Good Of All” actually makes it impossible for some to be fully seen and actualized. Those people live trapped in a never-ending cycle of emotional neglect and alienation.

The Intention of The Source (God) in its fullest glory is unity, harmony, love, creativity, and the expression of infinite light in a very dense frequency. The only way of maintaining a living Earth is Integration, practically known as the New Age Mentality “We Are One”.  

We are one

“Integration names realized acceptance of a fusion between people in relationships.” -AYA

“We Are One” means “I Am Another You”. It is neither positive nor negative. The misunderstood spread of this thought is extremely dangerous because it can alienate individuals.

Group Consciousness

Try to understand it like this: A group of people always holds a different consciousness than an individual. When one is not fitting in the consciousness of the group/community the ignorance arises even though “We Are One” had the intention to provide love for everyone. Some individuals can start to feel emotionally neglected from their closest relationships and alienated for having certain needs and intense depth. They can even feel labelled as bad or something is wrong with them when they actually are just wired differently because their purpose is to invent.


Example: Imagine you are living 5000 meters deep in the ocean. The water in its crystal clear darkness and depth is your home. You cannot survive higher up where all the others live because of a skin condition. So you’re mainly all alone. Sometimes a few come down to you. You always have to help them adapt to the waters and when you try to invite them in your house which is so deep down that they start to panic. They stop relating to you. Never seen such an environment makes them fear you. For you the cool blankness provides clarity and peace. You are so sensitive that you cannot survive somewhere else. You need your friends but you are left out, not cared for and abondant. The news on your phone telling you “We Are One” are not helping you because you are all alone.

For this type of person it is difficult to maintain the meaning of staying alive because of the missing part of emotional integration. Suicide becomes the sad but secure way out of suffering for not being understood and fully seen.

I am reaching out to people to become more aware of the many forms of consciousness. May we all be liberated. May we all be understood. May we all be actualized. 

I hope this article helped to widen your space of perceptions and make you become aware of the importance of charity for the ones nearest to you trying to be understood and seen.

Till the next time, keep yourself where the light is.



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