The Geometry of the Stars

Being present is a gift.

You realize that time must not exist.

But stopping it entirely is like finding perfection in chaos.

You look closely to see how your focus forms the image.


You realize reality is formed by sacred geometry. We are surrounded by technology. A copy of the copy.

The circle of life speaks from the density in notion which unbalanced fails to arrive at the source of energy, hits to early, reaches the time field, forms into solid circles in the tech field, spins there until the full potential of energy is reached through alignment, reality presents itself as unity in divine flow and one naturally becomes all for tranquility is Human birth right.

Can you picture what I just said?

Far too few can. .. Even dogs are socialized and have no idea how to live in their natural environment anymore.
Imagine how many lost Humans live in the Cities of Planet Earth.

All are gifted to travel in time

but The One learned how to use it.

Love, Aya


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