Modern Human

The human DNA is hacked

The time field, which can be seen as the metabolism of a part of neurons in a being, is getting healed by humans simply expanding their consciousness.

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The antidote of cosmic exploitation is created by humans. Reconstructing their DNA is to become aware of who they are and the misuse of technology. But this has led to a lot of confusion on Earth.

universe in hand.jpeg


Technology is everything created by matter with the intention of being in use. Exploitation begins with “barbaric” intentions  and makes technology to a mentality we have to freeze notion from.

Humans need to watch out for chemicals in food, water, air, but also thoughts can be “implanted” and have their own movement of barbaric intentions (When thought is verbalized in the mind it tunes into certain frequency).

Tesla’s said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

This does not mean that everything humans think is evil in fact only the not life promoting thoughts like fear or anxiety need to be frozen.

Due to our evolution we have become dependent on food, technology and chemicals. The exploitation of matter has begun by default. We literally depend on artificial battery packs.

Interestingly those daily little “helpers” created their own collective consciousness which feeds off human creativity and misleads our population from realizing divine creativity, light, flow and unity.

Jesus Christ knew societies quantum observership is not everything in existence. The experience of the modern human is cut off from reality.

People are on an island called Planet Earth with no reception to call for help.


My mum died from cancer. With the proper education on how to use higher faculties of the subconscious mind we could have experienced a share of our original divine light in this lifetime together. But we swam in a pool of prana without knowing we are in it.

But not all humans are unaware. If this article resonates with your imagination of reality make sure to realize that you are the antidote of all suffering.

Start to connect with the Universe

Raise your vibration and reconnect to Source or the Mother of Creation by taking care of your body.

Eat delicious vegan, cruelty free sun kissed food.
Keep the balance by drinking alcalined water.

 Meditate everyday.

Realize that everything passes.

Exercise daily. Learn about quantum physics and phantasia.


Put your focus on creating something you love, share it with others and become a time traveling light and love being you originally were before a virus misled you into thinking that you are separated from the world and literally yourself.


There is no end to life

I am talking to myself when I say, “You will arise safe and sound each day and always find what you need if you just keep moving forward.

And when you feel afraid just hold tighter to your faith. Keep living for one more day.

Step by step, part by part, piece by piece.

And remember to keep yourself where the light is.”

Love, Aya.

May all beings be happy


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