10 Steps To Make Her/Him Regret Lying To You

Have you found your Soulmate BUT he/she is lying to you? Do you want a lifelong relationship and need honesty but secrets are destroying it? Do you feel angry for being in this situation right now because all you wanted was love and fairness? Now, here is the key to unlock your dream life and regain power.

The Two Options

Okay, so we are dealing with a liar. Let´s name him Ryan.

Keep in mind that you can use this key for both male and female liars.

He lied. You have two options. To stay where you are, meaning to confront him with the truth and talk it through. You will make him promise to never lie again because the connection is precious to both of you. You will expect him to change but the more days go by the more you feel stuck in uncertainties. Is he lying again? How to know for sure? He did it one time, so he´ll probably do it again. You start to feel lonely in your relationship. Unseen, unheard, your needs unmet. You are getting hungry for love and you would do anything to keep the relationship going. You become a master in analysing tiniest details but nothing seems to help. You are getting disappointed again. My friend, say hello to The Classic Scenario in Modern Days. 😉

The second option is The Key which I discovered after many of those disappointments. To get access to this secret you must realize where you are standing right now. Here is a little metaphor which will help your subconscious mind get the full awareness of your life situation.

Jump or die

the-sea-boat-decorative-painting-vector-5671.jpgImagine yourself standing on a sinking boat.  Luckily there is a lifeboat coming. You step on it with one foot but you hesitate to jump completely. All of your stuff is still on the deck of the other one that is sinking rapidly. What should you do?

As you may assume the sinking boat demonstrates your current life. You are frustrated, needy and in the lack of basically everything. You are angry, impatient and depressed.

The other one is you realizing yourself. Your wholeness. Here is an important question. What are you afraid of losing? What is the worst that can happen to you if you jump?

To understand why a new mind set is so important you have to realize how the universe creates your reality. The universal laws are based on life, growth and expansion which means that you are meant to live your dreams. If you will not jump out of the sinking boat of misery it will get even worst. The universe will send thunders, tsunamis and sharks your way. Realize the lesson of the sinking boat before you die. What have you been afraid of? What can you do to make yourself happy?

The Key


Ryan lied. You know it. You can feel it. You notice the changes in how he acts, speaks and looks.

Step 1Concept Of Communication
Become very aware that he is keeping secrets from you. Look at the situation. Remain very calm and silent but zoom in. What is happening right now? Keep in mind that trying to find evidence is completely unnecessary and a waste of time. Just notice the changes in Ryan and your emotions. That is all you need.

Step 2
Make a list of activities you love. Exclude Ryan. Write down everything that makes you happy. Take a hot bath or swim, go to nature, meet a friend, visit an art gallery, travel long distance, go on a retreat, change the music on your phone, find a nice place where you drink tea in the afternoon for no other reason but the love of being itself, create, eat well, smile, dress nicely

Step 3
Make sure to send Ryan happiness and well being. This person needs to feel true love. No matter what he is doing, forgive him for your sake of peace.

Step 4
Shift your focus to the list. Act on it. The most important thing in your life is your happiness- So, be very selfish. Do what you love. Always keep a smile on your face. Don´t bring anybody down. If Ryan is not making you happy, do something else instead of being with him.

Step 5
Ryan starts to notice the change and starts to assume that you might know what he is doing. He could panic. Remember the two ships and how the universe operates.

Step 6
Let him come to you. There is no need to rush. Don´t stress yourself over making a decision yet. Give it some time and focus on what makes you happy.

Step 7
You are so open to what makes you happy that you even thought about a completely new life. So many joyful opportunities to pick from. Now, if Ryan is still present – congratulations. It seems like you two have something special.

Step 8
Accept this person fully. Share your joy and happiness with all of your heart. Invite him to go for a swim, to your afternoon tea place or on your next trip. Focus on the love.

Step 9
Let some more time pass. Do you still feel Ryan is acting flaky? Do you feel he is ungrateful for having you? Remember to keep being supportive and kind but remain your own healthy self.

Step 10
Ask yourself. Do I want this person in my life? In which form do I want him in my life. It is completely up to you now. If Ryan changed you will notice it. Forgive him completely. Never return to what happened. Even change the memory of it. But if he is still halfway in the relationship remember that you will be able to make the jump now if necessary.

Last Thoughts

My experience showed me that this approach supports the growth of both individuals without causing any  damages. I even witnessed how scenarios like this helped me become a more conscious self even if my relationships not always ended with staying together, I ripped off the benefits.

Throughout my life, I also learned that you never know when you might lose some and you may never have the chance to tell them how you really feel for once I realized that I am never too far away from love.

 Make this day count. Be truthful to yourself and remember to keep yourself where the light is.

With all my heart, Aya.


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