Knowledge becomes Reality

Knowledge becomes reality. Every truth causes the experience of it. And the more truth the higher your truth or assumption of perceptions related to the unity of it all. Merged into a field of infinite potentiality as a projection of source extending itself into a unit that basically just exists to love. To go further source is trying to go as far away as possible from its own light to brighten up the unenlightened darkness. The deeper you go the deeper it goes. We dance to the song of heavens and hells. Like, for “real” ..

Magic or “cities” are overrated. As I experienced layers of consciousness I got more distracted by cities than inspired to ascent. There are millions of ways to paint a picture. But what will you interpret when you look at it?


Your reality does not exist. I can only try to prove it with words but language cannot grasp the depth of a realization. You have to tap into your own mind to wake up.
If my words are not resonating with you and your truth then just notice how it triggered thought patterns in your mind, judgements or behaviors. You create your own reality – Welcome home. You are thinking about this now with words you use in your ego to explain what you see while your entire subconscious mind is quiet too integrated for you to even stand out to the extent to show a reaction while painting the next picture of a remarkable collection of memories about you and your life to your reality completely depended on how aware or unaware you are and on what might have manipulated to trust what you did was the truth of who you are. But to know who you are you are giving up on change. If you would know yourself there would be no expansion. This is a beautiful paradox. To create means to expand so you will never know yourself because you are creating yourself by the use of desire and release. When you breathe in you want it so badly, your life literally depends on it. When you breathe out you feel ecstasy rushing through your veins. This is your highest potential. Do you know yourself?

I looked into some lessons I learned in this life to find out more about myself but as I recalled past experiences I also started to question what I saw. The imagination of my perception on what I actually had in mind of what happened is not what happened. Ultimately nothing ever happened. But everything happened already and ended as it started to begin and continue for infinity.

Side note: Everything has no meaning commonly which proofs that we live in an constructe of an illusion or in a whole of itself.


Every moment is an interpretation of what is able to be perceived by the human and its memory of what it had seen and recalling the memory of a consequence of a reaction it had that was based on the level of its awareness. So, what is the truth?

My memories of yesterday are very different compared to what happened yesterday. In the last couple of months, I also got to recall a lot more information from the memories of my experiences based on the changes of my brain and perceptions caused by knowledge or increased awareness from that I am operating now. We are assimilating information based on where we currently are in conscious. This experienced realization opened the understanding that memories are imaginations. Quiet amazing.

Meaning, I am going to look at things differently every single day as long as I am growing. Even further this understanding leads me to the way consciousness processes storage or „stories“. – Whenever we see an image we read differently into that image.
What we see in a picture depends completely on our perception of it.


I like to use “social scarring” to define the result of false interpretations. The most common influences and hacks into the subconscious mind come from social programs like religion, media or school.

This „imaginations“ we all come up with what happened are layers of what actually happened which we were not able to see before. This brings us to creation. Imagination already tells stories or better „creates realities“.
– Knowledge becomes experience

At the end of the day, everything is about what serves you! Be happy and remember to keep yourself where the light is.

Gratefully, Aya.

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