Non-dual World Views

Your mind creates your reality. First by having a perception. Abraham Maslow studied self-actualized people – highly evolved people, you might say, advanced in their thinking, sophisticated in their humanity, expressive, expansive, generous, loving, confident, healthy, gifted, alert and what made them special. In particular, he focused on the way they perceived their reality. In this blog of NONDUALITY and PERCEPTIONS, I am sharing what helped me realize interconnectedness by looking closer into the space of perceptions using complex examples of human thinking patterns.

How the mind distorts reality

Relationships between objects do not exist. Every relation is a projection of the human mind. In reality, everything in the universe is infinitely related to every other thing in the universe. The relationships are infinite. The only question is on which relationship your mind is focused on.
Everyone is related to everything. Which means your partner or family member is related to the Planets just the way they are related to you, or the dog, your car, the air or the girl next door.

43ad44c0-535e-0134-cd4e-0aec1efe63a9Not only do we perceive a relationship but we interpret it aswell. “What is this relationship about? How do I feel towards this person? Is this person nice to me? Do they owe me? Is there guilt or shame? Embarrassment?” All this can play out in the mind.
Yet everything is interconnected and whole in itself. The human mind projects relationships as a function of self-survival ignoring the divinity of isness.

A self-actualizing person is more able to perceive the world as if it were independent not only from him but also from human beings in general. He can look upon nature in itself and for itself and not as if it where a human playground put there for human purposes.8405334703_63cc50dc68_b
It is there in its own being rather than to be used or something to be afraid of, or something to be reacted to in some other human way. Everything is the same. A mosquito in that sense can be seen as a wondrous object if seen as an end of itself.

Self-actualization in that sense is not just self-improvement and becoming the greatest version of yourself. It is a high-level abstract concept of perception and interaction which not every self-developer has yet realized. It is not about a career, relationships or an image. It is about the ultimate truth of existence. An egoless, agenda-less perception. Not needing, desireless and detached with the ability to perceive o bjects as if the individual were part of the object. A loving, universalizing, interrelated way of knowing. Knowing the object so well that you discover in it yourself, or links to yourself, and through those links, you intuit more links–to everything.
A distorted reality organizes around ego as a centering point, which means a projection of the ego into the perception. Perception not of the object alone but of the object mixed with the self of the perceiver. This illusion of a self creates unconscious thoughts and actions in that self and results into a state of default which makes it spiral in a web of confusion about reality or simply neurosis. Meaning that the very interface of one’s reality is compromised by the lack of mental health and physical state of being.

Who is able to see the importance of this topic will have the required energy to put into focus to realize the ultimate truth of existence.




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