People say I am different and I agree. I am naturally very consumed by fascination and some project I call transcending my reality. I see myself as life force experiencing itself – continuously. I am constructing time and space by being. Death to me is ultimately glorious is-ness. How deep do you dive? How dark can it get for you? How stable are you?

When I tell people I use pain to meditate deeper they have a lot of questions. The 3D World has come into our form because of the highest realization of experienced acceptance achieved through non Attachment. Nothing has ever a meaning for everything is related infinitely. Is life a joke? A pointless form of motion? Pointless because the focus stays in a web and is related to time and attraction, so-called love, a feeling which can be felt in every possible presence. In-depth everything is repeating itself infinitely in infinite ways. But over 7 Billion beings on this planet are blind to realize the glue between science and spirituality and it is themselves. Simply – Know thyself.

Why are you experiencing?

As I am writing this question my heart starts to burn and my eyes get enlightened. The very room I am standing in is the extension of my own ignorance. Right in front of me, I see – Life itself. Representing some form in the just-is way. Smiling back at me with infinite potentialities, opportunities, and memories. I am living the truth. The divine essence of an enlightened human being.

I remember myself with 3 years old pointing my finger to the universe.

But the moment school began my memories of the girl that pointed at the sky changed. I went through the same society programs as the rest of the species, to end up working a job I don´t like, with a boyfriend that cheated and a cancer sick mother I had to care for, which died at what society loves to celebrate as the moment of Christus rising. Every reader will have a different perspective or background story or interpretation of this past life of mine. It still remains an interpretation. A concept of thinking. The difference maybe shows itself by me saying that I am happy that my mum died.

What does a life mean to you? What is it for?

I go deeper than the ocean into Mother Earth herself and ask why. I realize that men are controlled by desires – always more than a female being. They are in denial of that constant craving of the godly female ability for reproduction. This lack of power has become mens biggest emotional suppression and the most unconscious fear. What if I will not continue this experience? I need to create in its purest form. In breathing, heart beating spiritual life.

How deep can you dive?

What is life for you? Is it the thing you do to pay a ticket to an experience you call heaven or bliss? Do you like your job? So, You are not just doing some “nonsense”. You actually think you make sense with your compassion? Okay let´s say, you realized that life is a continuum of energy in movement through a field of time and space. Neurons reacting with sensations in a 3D creation of an experience of a larger being in a nervous system of an organ in constant change. We look at the planet and we like to forget that we are connected. The planets have influenced every bigger life event you´ve gone through and will go through. You can start to become an architect of the matrix. You could influence the changes by becoming aware of the relations in the cosmic game. But that doesn´t help you out of the situation that you are born into a reality that does not exist. Nothing ever will make sense. We are exploding chaos.

The truth entered your presence. Show gratitude.

It is the feeling you have when someone says you will die.


Click here and do the meditation at the end.

Love and gratitude are the ones transcending every possible life form on the planet. We are the energy that creates with purity and innocence. Through depth, loyalty, and bond. I had a near-death experience. It helped me know myself. A few people know themselves. They get uncomfortable by the truth.


I realized that my mouth is a gun. Just imagine the highest of myself – the straight face – the focused eyes – starring at the very atoms of the landscape my awareness is perceiving in form of another human being with the question “Why do I have this experience?” They would freak out. And I am not the one to judge them. What has become so ugly is what made us special. It is our innocence. Yes, we depend on each other. There is no way around unity to stop overlooking repeating events which cause suffering all around our environment. No matter how different we react we still have the same moment.

We are becoming aware of infinity and abundance.

I cannot love someone I experienced a lot with more than I love someone I know randomly. They both carry the same is-ness. The same relation to me in a massively chaotic happening in an explosive movement we call the universe. Everything encourages me for I am always looking into the truth. No matter if it is nature, a pig, a human or an alien, I am always looking into an experience. But why?

Because life is precious.

You give it meaning with relationships, development or even believes of past lives and some reasons of why that´s related to “you” but that does not mean that they actually exist because everything in itself is the same – It´s just a feeling.  Even eye to eye with a dark entity, a shadow being or a social issue I am reacting with love and gratitude, for I choose the opportunity to experience a moment in itself for itself, no matter how long it might last. This means true appreciation. True love and trust. True feelings.

I might not write very popular for my timelines mainstream society but I don´t mind that. I am nothing and everything itself. I am part of it, dancing the wild dance of no hope. Let me make a statement by including the consciousness of mainstream spirituality to a concept of confusion someone believing without having the experience of it.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to escape the constant surrender to is-ness – no matter what you might think you are. Dissolving ego and karma by becoming aware. For the concept you call karmic debt may be the very lesson to liberate your feeling of infinite love and energy.

The heart is receiving




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  1. […] By knowing thyself the root of all suffering will be understood and realized. Billions have access to liberation and love. To break free from the mental limitations one has to conquer the matrix of religion. To not be a sinner in order to find peace in the realm of heaven. To liberate ones life from society, working a job just for money and family, full of distractions, over stimulated. Losses that are around every corner without the realisation of the Law of Impermanence. One has to trust into ones vision and experiencing feeling good with what is. Reaching full freedom is exiting the a never-ending cycle of Karmic patterns. In that sense, the Universal Laws have to be further understood to create the realised experience of the ultimate Truth called Life-force Energy. Read my article about KARMA here.” […]


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