The Ghost Chip

Do you have bad days? Well, we all have them, especially when the moon is full, we feel highly influenced to reminisce and compelled to worry about relationships or jobs. We tend to doubt our decisions or question the truth. We feel depressed for not being where we want to be. We tend to feel left out. But why does this happen on a Full Moon? What really controls our behavior?

 Technological Hardware and the Human Body

These odd-looking similarities have a much deeper truth.

We will begin by studying a microchip.


The computation needs energy to instruct data or numbers to the memory which reacts by control. For this exchange power is needed. Data and Instructions get stored in the memory. The content of the memory is addressable by a location. The Instructions are executed sequentially unless an order is explicitly modified. Memory and Computation are physically separated.

∇ Computer Architecture and the Human Mind ∞

One has to live. The computation is your body. The memory is a hack. The data your thoughts and the instructions, your controlled behaviors. Memory, therefore, stores data for energy or the hack in your mind is becoming conscious and alive by you staying ignorant to its existence. Your life force, its power. Designed by numbers to control for the power of creation.


Let´s call this hack Worthington. His name was his prophecy. He never got recognition. Worthington was just a bunch of microchips, never hugged or kissed, or loved, so he thirsted for this the most. Because he had no energy for himself, he reached out to where he could relate – in the realm of fear – and formed an invasion of the biological architecture. This was Worthington’s agenda, working for the larger malevolent structured agenda of his being. But Worthington realized he does not have to be just in biological architecture. So he left and destabilized the satellites that were calibrated to the project “Moon Beam” or false projection technology system that was working hand in hand with the self-assembling nanoparticles infection of the biological biosphere. Biological organisms were turned into batteries. Used for their energy. To make the evil rise.

How aware are you of your behaviors? Are you invaded by Worthington robbing your energy by making you fear? Does the moons second-hand glimmer influence you?

Is it the moon or a satellite?

My advice: Polish your antenna and focus on what brings Life – Love and Creation.
Fear nothing.

in Love and Light, Aya.


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