Personal Soul Session


Soul Integration sessions heal trauma, release stress and align us with our soul self and our own internal truth.

Aya is guiding you to connect with your Higher Self to create a profound shift at a deep level of your consciousness where outworn patterns of behavior are released to allow for a centered and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.

Book a personal session in love and light today and receive the key to unlock the next Chapter of your Story.

Soul Integration Session

In-depth session of 1:00 – 3:00 hours, each: EUR 169,00 or $190,00


The Key To The Universe

cropped-cropped-20626267_1972314339646597_4872824081332357597_oAya is a Mystic, Energy Intuitive, Artist, Writer, and Teacher.

Aya is a born Mystic. At this most pivotal time on the planet, she has answered the call to assist the Spiritual Awakenings of seekers of Truth by delivering and spreading her messages. She peers into deeper realities and ignites the emergence of an individual’s HIGHEST purpose.

Aya’s passion is to pursue life with Divine Purpose and to bring this awareness to all she encounters. She wishes to journey with you in exploring, unfolding, and BEcoming the LIMITLESS FREEDOM and LOVE that you already ARE!


The Divine Connection With The Universe

The quieter we become and the deeper we listen, the more we have access to the Still Point within ourselves. This is a place of absolute peace and calm, and when we hold ourselves in the Still Point, we transmit peace and calm into the space around us. Attuning to the infinite power at the Still Point within us, we come into alignment with everything outside of us. From the level of fine-tuning where we actually come to a full stop, we are one with everything within and without ourselves.

By harnessing the energy of the Still Point through Soul Connection Sessions, we transform not only ourselves, but also the people around us, our environment, and society at large. It is only through experience that we can come to know the power of the Still Point for deep and sustained transformation.

Imagine a baby, still so trusting, soft and beautiful, so full of love. Imagine a baby who isn’t afraid, because this baby is loved by her parents. She is kept close to her mother with skin to skin contact. She is breastfed and she is peaceful and observant. This baby is absorbing her surroundings and seems awestruck by how beautiful everything is, especially her mother. Imagine that baby.

This is an image of a person before life has thrown rejection, failure, hunger or sadness at her. It is an image of a person before the challenges of life have caused her to close down into tension, constriction, defensiveness or attack mode.

This is the soul self or higher self.

in Love and Light, Aya

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