3 Life Changing Mind Sets

You made it into existence. Congratulations! Realize the gift of life and tune into health and vitality now. But what about doing the “right thing”? What is the best to do with our time?  Let me share 3 Life-Changing Mindsets which have helped me to transcend my reality into a rainbow session of unicorns and islands.

Let´s jump right in. 🙂



Ever had a foodgasm? Now is the time for it. ∴

♥ Food is information.
What do you love to eat? Spanish oranges or italian grapes?
To manifest better experiences simply ENJOY your Food! Gratitude is key. ♥

Make yourself comfortable, maybe invite some friends that are a part of your loving inner world,

 tune into some 432 Hz Tibetan Bowl music and focus only on the present moment chewing the food, tasting the textures. How it feels. Maybe you are excited about the colors. Go even deeper. Let´s say, you eat an orange from the tree outside – connect to it while you eat and whenever you want during the day. Deeply ground into your own beautiful self but also radiate love back to your surrounding. It is about creating a space of love, gratitude, unity, and appreciation. By the way – bananas shimmer in the sun 🙂

Side note: Best is to completely avoid negative people.



“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

♥ We capture moments in time. Design an event called your dream life where you take in all of it. Your nonphysical self creates realities all the time, whether you are conscious of it or not. By deciding which thoughts to think the genius awakes. Choose your thoughts to use them to create a beautiful painting, pieces of music or other majestic artworks by letting them into your mind. Be open. We celebrate the beauty of life. ♥

Personal advise: Positivity is a choice. There are so many divine frequencies one can align. Catch those masterpieces.


“A typical healthy human brain contains about 200 billion nerve cells, or neurons, linked to one another via hundreds of trillions of tiny contacts called synapses.” – Stanford University School of Medicine

♥ We all are born scientists, astrologers, and pioneers. Especially as kids we have been most curious about literally everything. Can you remember the phase when you had those millions of questions? I was 4 when I couldn’t stop my “but why´s”. ♥

Unfortunately, society is a manipulative conceptualized consciousness that is designed to control humans. The moment of us going to school and being dependent on other humans our brain makes the jump to the mindset of seeking validation which marks the end of our explorer self. But the brain can be reshaped by us becoming aware of our ego and our essence. You are the Universe. So, get curious again! Why is it, How is it, What is it?

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”
– Stephen Hawking



♥ What now? We are born. No matter how many times we limit ourselves, the New World is already here. The Planet has her arms wide open for us. Let´s take it slowly, moment by moment. Play like kids, while we dance among the stars, loving nature and the stuff in between the here and the now.

Sending you Love and Light. ♥

∞ Aya.


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