Complete Spiritual Liberation

What if we would die today? Leaving behind our shells that grinded pearls, to surrender to whatever comes next. Dancing in gods hands. Would you be ready? But wait, .. What about that bigger house you wanted, or that car? Or that –life. Would you still crave it, if it would be the last?


I´ve come a long way to be able to write about complete spiritual liberation. Growing up not having much I found a way to shower in luxury and attention. I learned how to use the lack of awareness in mainstream society for my advantage, to become richer, more influential, basically to live how I choose to.
But when that success entered my life I didn’t want it anymore. It was not worth it. Characters of illusion, pain and confusion. It brought misery. I surrendered.

How come I decided to let go?


I had a near death experience.

That moment of silence made me see the reflection of my craving.

I realized the lack of my awareness.
The monster of self-doubt was fed by the latest Gucci handbag and the approval of everybody else but me.


Complete spiritual liberation results from the art of letting go. Being the essence of a whole. All that we crave is yet a resistance to our own glow.


Can´t you see the forest for the trees?

Love is within you

Dear love, I am grateful we are here together. We are a part of each other. We have this awareness and it will never fade because we went through it all. We know the pain, the hurt, the confusion and the illusion. The lies that separated, are spread from head to head over infinity and the abundance of the universe.


Look back to what we have experienced. So much happened. We made it to the final stage. The secret is that you always did the best you could and you remain the best.


Imagine we’d die.

Are you ready to let go and return to source peacefully? With a quiet mind? Keep an open mind. One day it will happen.
What if it comes unexpectedly?

We are allowing a death meditation to finalize our freedom and jump into the divine.

Forever love, Aya.

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