Understanding Infinity

Even scientific people underestimate what reality really is. Because through our everyday grind of daily life we have become numb to this extraordinary miracle that is reality. We are so focused on living our lives and practicing the goals that we forget what of a gift this experience truly is.

Understand Infinity

Let´s say you are on top of a mountain. You look down to a forest. All the way to the horizon you see trees. You can see 50 miles all around you in a circle, which means you see 8 000 square miles.


You pick up a fresh green leaf that has just fallen from a tree and you wonder, how many leaves are on the tree? 100 000 Maybe. Beautiful leaves filled with Chlorophyll, DNA, Bacteria, Molecules, and Mitochondriums. All the atoms that make up the cells.

You gaze into the landscape. How many trees must there be?

5 billion trees fit in an area of 8 000 square miles and everyone has roughly 100 000 leaves. That’s 5 000 billion leaves that you are looking at.

Suddenly an ant crawls from the leaf onto your hand and you think how many ants must there be on the entire planet? 10 000 trillion ants.

You look closer and see sand stuck in between the leaves. How many grains of sand are there? 7 Million Trillion grains of sand on Planet Earth. But what about all the atoms. 50 Million Trillion Atoms in one grain of sand multiplied by 7 Million Trillion grains of sand on the entire Earth.

You notice the sun and its warm sunlight on your skin and you wonder how many photons are shining on me right now? 1 000 Trillion Photons per second per square cm. And the 8000 square meters around you hold 80 million square centimeters multiplied by 1 000 trillion photons of sunlight per second.


You start to wonder about the cosmos. 1300 Earths fit into Jupiter. Let´s visit the sun.
1 300 000 Earths fit into the Sun. And that´s just our solar system.
You wonder how many are out there. How many stars? 100 000 Million Stars within the Milky Way Galaxy. How many galaxies are out there? 100 Billion Galaxies comprise our Universe.

Newtonian mechanics states that every atom or particle in the entire universe is pulling on every single other one. That´s basic gravitation. They are all infinitely interacting with each other. So everything is infinitely connected to one another and influenced by it.


So you wonder while you stand on the mountain and look down – Infinity is in every direction so I am in the Center of it. You look around and realize that this has just been 5 minutes of you contemplating reality out of a timespan of 14 billion years of our Universe.


This marvelous organic machine which is reality runs perfectly without a single glitch. Without any frame drops, without any errors. So you look down to your hand again and you realize reality itself has infinite resolutions. This leaf goes infinitely deep. It has no end. You could zoom into this leaf forever, and ever and ever.

All is infinite.




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