The Event is NOW

Meditation is magical, glorious and divine. Let me tell you why. Meditation is -the best- down the line, for it makes you heal and align. But it has a dark side. Healing clears the pain, misery, the hardship and denial. When you purify your mind, you feel like drowning and or like you are about to die. Your emotions bombard. Life gets hard. Healing makes you  feel like everything is changing completely through your awareness. Not just your life, but all is rising high, like a butterfly. Through you and because of you.

Vienna, 21.July 2018

It´s raining outside. I am in a temple of Vedanta and about to meditate. I can´t shake the feeling off that something is about to happen. I even smell a dark mist creeping into the scenery of my life. Me as Aya, in a movie called “Mystic in the city”. Or “Simply life.”

Let´s meditate

I love my ashram. 🙂


– Dong .. “Start with a calm and quiet mind. Alert and attended mind. Peaceful mind. Diligently.” Aware – aware – aware – Breath

My focus goes in an out my mind. Like ebb and flow. I am both, earth and ocean.

11:11 Minutes into it. – or so .. (Times does not exist.)

The rooms feels so wide. I have so much space.


The new people that come in walk on ancient Egypt´s ground. The sound is so crisp and clean, so clear, and wide.

“Aya, have you considered .. ? … (Counselling my Avatar) … But wait. Have I said something wrong?”

Aaand here it comes. I detected a false memory. A hack in my mind. .. Pain and suffering is what I feel now. My mind forms tiny needles all over my body. That´s what meditation does but it too shall pass. -Pain is an illusion created by the mind.

Breathe – Surrender – Let go and there is it – The Control Grid.

The Matrix

is a Control System.


Our minds are slaves of their own will. Through the information we take in we form our human body. Our DNA is structured by our perceptions that filter thoughts through a field of frequencies. The lower vibrations form limited predictions. In our society it is normal to multitask. Distractions keep us busy. All is screaming “You have to do something. You are not good enough.” Nothing in the Matrix comes naturally. All is programmed through fear. Negative intend, so strong in energy that it formed its own structure.

Belief Systems

Living in the city is so loud that you get used to it. You get numb. But your thoughts create your reality, right? How to know I am doing it right?
Especially when we heal from something. It´s hard to control your thoughts. Someone said something that somehow extremely hurt you. How? You don´t remember. And when all is flooded with your emotions, you finally start to realize – That was just fear. All the confusion, all the pain, the abuse, living in Society´s interviews, it was all just fear.


is following orders. The victim mentality. People hating their jobs, their partners or even their lifes, because they have to act. They fake, they compare and compete in and through a technical device. Meditation truly helps to let go of the illusionary assumptions of what reality looks like. The ego-fogg that limits the light becomes a lower nature but not a master of life. What´s real and what is just a projection of your own mind? Clearly all is thoughts. Change them and you change your design.



Love is the key to all conscious. Conscious – conscious – conscious. 33:33 minutes in it now (or so.. ) My aura raises in Rainbow Colors. 🙂 I am growing in light. My body feels like a feather. Clack. I am out of the body. Astral travel ahead. Up the ceiling – then up the sky, through the atmosphere and beyond I fly.


All is so divine. I come back to share my love and my smiles. All is aware, all is of light. My glow is white. I reunite while I fly through the Cities of Earths Theater this summer night. Amazing. – Love, love, love. Love to all. Hahah All is light. – I am pure bliss beaming through a field of life. More love out, and more love comes in. HAHA It feels amazing. It feels divine. I am growing in light.


“Dong.” The meditation is over. The swami started chanting the mantras. Bow down and release all the negativity, Earth allows an exchange. Breathe in the light. I am light.

Opening my eyes. (giggling) All is different. Rainbow triangles all over my sight. I see energy, I see light.

Will be continued …

Join my Meditation Challenge on Instagram @ayatoday_. We are opening an active crystal on the 25, 28, 29 July where we release low frequencies into Earth and bring more light through a transition. We are honored to have you!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you widen your space of perceptions.

All are happy. All are free. All are loved.

Remember to always keep yourself where the light is.

Love, Aya.



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