As days rhyme

If it doesn´t make you feel alive it is killing you. 𓂀

Today I took the time to create a better life. To remember my place on Earth. To pay homage to my stay. To focus on the positive thoughts that create matter of light. I begged the Earth for more centeredness and more of the divine. I am ready for the blessings of the skies. I vision the field of my design and a question pops up. What is about to arrive?


A Day In The Life Of Aya

The day has just begun. I look inward to what I am for a last bit of now, so that I can move on and realize open is a new chapter in my book. Aya town. I vow to it while I see the sun rise. It´s raining again. Astrologically we have Cancer to 30 degrees aligned. Meaning, breathe in the purity, vision the unity and exhale the waves of insecurity. Allow the change within you for it is your time to shine. Share what feels amazing, share what feels divine. 

How to create a better life?


Follow your heart

They say, “follow your heart and you will close some doors and leave some things behind” Why should I be open to dark directions anyway? Who put them in my mind? I don´t want to be fake or please others for the goodness of my own sake. Can someone relate? Can someone see what´s behind?

Confused Aya, Who is me? Who is the I .. AGAIN Thus open is a new chapter. This little light of mine, so innocent, selfless, .. glory be to god. ∼

If it doesn´t make you feel alive it is killing you

Let´s define the ocean of light. When I look at people I ask why do they complain so much? Why do they hurt. Why do they pretend a lot? Pay so much attention on everything outside of them in the plod? Some say it´s the ego. That sounds so dry. To me it looks phenomenal. I can´t deny. Maybe people are nurturing their innocents, protecting their shine for the purity in the essence of their hearts blood line for the need of the other and or the responsibility to serve a brother. Human kind. Lovely beat of life. All we ever do or did was loving the other. – selflessly … How many people can realize how beautiful they are? for we sacrificed our own peace of mind for the peace in the World outside. Yes, we truly are angels. We are of light.


Know what God said when he made the first rainbow. “I´m so in love.” for sure 🙂


I love and loved everything for all created it all, ourselves and the other, and even the walls. Thus we still hold back the gratitude for what comes down to fall.

I need to be raw and honest with myself now. Let´s walk through the city. Realness. Reality. Where does it shine? Is my state of mind leading me towards the bright? Or have I lost my sight?

Brain food

I am a flying rainbow lasagna 🙂


Courage, amazement is what I feel most of the time. That´s how I activate my soul. And more and more I turn into a pool of the divine.

How to create a better life? Realize that even the glim in the darkest shadow, has the origin of the brightest bright. Who are.we to judge? I’ll rather continue to rhyme? Life is amazing.

»Fish in the sea of great ideas Continue reading here 

Join my Meditation Challenge on Instagram @ayatoday_. We are opening an active crystal on the 25, 28, 29 July where we release low frequencies into Earth and bring more light through a transition.
We are honored to have you!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you widen your space of perceptions.

All are happy. All are free. All are loved.

Remember to always keep yourself where the light is.

Love, Aya.


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