I felt so despressed in the last couple of days. It was not funny.. at all …  I mean, I constantly work on myself, on my business, on my relationships, on how to not murder anyone along the way and keep a good sense of humor just in case things blow up, what they usually always do in my life. Eventually life got great again. Here is why.

. . Life is~ well, .. a lifelong commitment. But to what do I commit to when I opened my eyes each awakening and gloomy sunrise?

Home is where love is, because love is the key to the Universe. The key to my temple. Leo Tolstoy said: “All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.” I feel so inspired to share how I feel at home everywhere on the Earth just by being me.

Love is all we need. I finally am there. ~at Home.   found true love Faith and hope. It represents the universal backup plan for what we wish to experience. In all cases this is just a place called home. How many people can say “I am finally where I want to be.” Not many, right? Yet we are our own gatekeepers. Are you ready to accept what is and enter home? Do you love?



On a boat somewhere in the Ocean between Bali and Indonesia I had an intense awakening. We were trapped in a storm. Our boat was full of water and it kept on coming. People were up in the air, arguing who could have prevented this to happen. But I looked inside. For a moment I completely disconnected from any meaning I could give to what happened, what´s going on or what will be. And so I was able to finally hear what my heart wants me to know.

  1. I am here.
  1. All in existence is energy and I am a part of it.
  1. There is only life.



Take a moment of silence and tell yourself: “Thank you!”

To feel at home again I understood the importance of gratitude. Now I stop time and reset the storylines by feeling grateful for what is already in sight.

The reason we don´t thank ourselves enough is that we feel like we are not worth it. I was terrified of looking into myself for a long while. But true unconditional love is a process of complete appreciation to self and others.

All beginnings are hard.~

When we first start to apply faith to our thoughts patterns and actions it seems like it does not work. We might feel hopeless at times or like all is against us. Bit don’t worry. Start to meditate. Focus on your breath. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Learn how to let go of resistance by accepting what is. Het neutral. You will start to feel like all is where it needs to be and whatever comes is for the higher good of all. That’s amazing!

Focus on adding value to the pool of information on Earth. We need your love. Witness how your positive contribution makes other people smile. Be happy while you’re alive!

Come, flow in the unified field like a dolphin in paradise and become the reality of your dreams. You are worth it! You are loved. You are forever free.~

Finally, you smile again. 🙂


is everything. For me it starts within the Universe. Then it spreads into the whole world, through all the windows into the houses of the people playing pingpong in their backyards. We are one with each other. We all feel the same emotions. We are here to discover that we are each other. That’s why we learn, we grow, we teach, we love and we fight. This cosmic game and life can be bitter and sweet at the same time.  What helped me was to notice ebb and flow.~

The key to the infinity and the mindset of unconditional love is as simple as saying thank you. Thank you for holding on and sharing positivity even if you felt low. Thank you being. I see pearls in my life and I am grateful to call myself one of them. We are ground by the deepest ocean. We know the pain, the loss, the struggle, the grind, the holding on to, the being there, the sacrifice, the surrender and the beauty of letting go. We know what is hell and we know our part in it. But we also know heaven. Paradise. Nirvana. We are both, shining stars and earthlings. ☼


Share what you want to express. It’s okay to be different and it´s okay to make mistakes because all is perfectly well and exactly where it needs to be. There is no right or wrong. One has to have faith and strong intention for it sets the tone of the next arrival. Feel safe. The Universe is infinite. All you ever wanted was already yours, even before you started loving it.

Through faith in unconditional love I realized the merge of the unity. Everything is already accomplished. Now we just need to do what we need to do. Sometimes that is a difficult road, and sometimes it is a beautiful garden. Either way, the ground on where we stand, the sky in which we look, all is us and all looks right back at us. There is no time, just intention and focus.

So, what will you decide to do now? It will continue on forever. Take time and space to look within and find what wants to shine by doing a reality check.

Ask yourself

“Who is I?

What am I trying to achieve here?

How am I doing that?

Is there a better way?

What´s holding me back from changing to the better?”

If that´s a person or circumstance than change.


Only you can make your dream come true. Even if that’s just a rainy sunday afternoon with a cup of warm mint tea and cuddles from a bunch of puppies. Whatever it is, enjoy life! It is yours to celebrate now!


I know for a fact that we are loved forever and ever nomatter what!

Nomatter what or who we choose to be.

We are infinite lovers.


Allow yourself to shine for that´s how you will come home. Right into the heart.

Until then enjoy your journey. Life is a miracle and a gift. You are beautiful. Thank you for existing. We are here with you forever. I promise.

in Love, Aya.


Ps.: Remember to keep yourself where the light is. ஐ


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