Personal Soul Integrations

In-depth session of a 1:00 hour Skype Call. In this transmission Aya is channeling a light language that is infused with the intention, vibration, and galactic light codes for opening your crown chakra and reconnecting you to your root chakra, allowing your higher self to integrate fully and talk through you like in ancient times.


Find Your Life Path ∼ Coaching ∼ In-depth Session of 40 min Skype Call

💙 Aya is guiding you through your big life decisions. The coaching holds space for emotional and mental relief, letting go of old ways, finding new ideas through investigating and clearing old programmings and negative imprints in your system, the receiving of new visions for your personal life path and purpose and advice in fulfilling this dream reality. ❀ Name/LifePath/Destiny/Expression Numerology & Your Personal Astrology is included. *Bonus for Winter/Spring Season ∼ a FREE Tarot Energy Reading. BOOK NOW



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