Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

My life has been a rollercoaster. Throughout the many ups and downs I learned a lot … What you will read in this article has the potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and with that change the way you see the World.

#1KEY was to be okay with feeling sad sometimes ..

I know that I am not alone with creating a life. There are many different people that are being overwhelmed by where they are.
In those days I just go to nature and relax. Because health is wealth. 💚  I take some moments to reset, look at the World and my place in it -objectively.
The foundation of my life must be supportive. If I feel unbalanced I must find a way to restructure and gain stability. So, I unplug and let the flow begin. 🙂
DISCLAIMER: Not everything was so obvious. Mostly blinded to where I was loosing energy I felt low because of my poor choices. School, my parents, the books I’ve read and the system that raised me set me up with a poor mindset. I had to discover new ways.
Many of what we believe is good for us actually makes us feel bad. Like for example comparing ourselves to others, or eating too much food.
To heal myself from within I asked myself the following questions:
Why do I crave this so much and what shapes this preferences?


Well, I looked deeper into society and came across “the illusion of choice” where stock markets revealed themselves as corrupt and a real problem for the people not connected to the driving force behind closed doors. But not just stockmarkets work with the illusion of choice. Facebook, Google, Nasa, Hollywood & co. design their products according to what brings the most money.
…. which is not a healthy vibrant human being. .. You need to be aware of that.
All of those giants cocreate our future and program our collective subconsciousness through visuals and sounds. With that we know our responsibility in SHOWING UP and not just blindly trusting everything. Even the recommendations of doctors are false light and build on the foundation of our insecurities and lonelinesses.
The Choice
of how you want to spend your life is easy when you look ahead. Picture yourself in 10 years. Who do you want to be? What do you want to be surrounded by?


Be and do it today.

Once I realized that I was manipulated to the core – I stopped whatever I was doing.

I UNPLUGGED and restructured the way I approached my decisions.

Now I allow myself to have bad days. I am showing the people around me that something in me needs more love and attention and with that bad days become good days.
Traveling around the world solo and meeting so many different people and cultures also made me realize that Earth is full of love.
I had many different accidents, like when I fell off my bike in Singapore and nearly broke my arms.
The support by my surroundings was amazing. It’s beautiful to travel and see it for oneself. There is nothing to worry about and the future will be as green as the nature spots we love to enjoy now.
Even though the news, Hollywood and the government gives us the illusion of a future reality that looks scared. We are still in charge of what we create for ourselves. We are in this together, so don’t you ever worry. .. don’t worry, child.

Set yourself free.

I don’t believe everything I see. I rather create my own world. Like for example I don’t watch horror movies or if I feel tired I sleep. Simple things like this really changed my energy and life.
You are not alone. People all around the World are not able to get out of their shells. They feel like it is nearly impossible to continue this life. Many of us have anxiety and depression. Let’s stop trying to push harder when all we need is letting be. We are already whole, beautiful and supreme.

#2 KEY was awareness.

Once I engaged with the World I realized how needed I am and you are too!
In the future robots will take away many jobs and we will be forced to create for a living. If you haven’t started yet, just take a look. Go to the hospitals, the schools, the social places where people meet. Talk to them and see how you can create a community with an interest. Awareness will make your life feel fulfilled and purposeful.
As one of my friends said, “Evolution is everything.” MAKE YOUR CHOICE NOW🏅
Are you willing to be emotionally strong and create for a living? Or are you following the crowd until you are forced to do it? There is only the way in. 🙂 Your time is here!
Your life is not a guessing game any longer. You are connected to the synchronicities, leading you towards your personal fruition.
I hope you always know how loved you are so that you can experience this life as it is ~a beautiful gift.

in love, AYA.


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