Life of Light

💚 You are constantly changing emotionally, physically and mentally because your energy is moving. Meaning 👉🏽 you will get hit by a crater in your space travel if you’re not directed according to your greatest timeline.

The Law of Attraction is real and the result of Momentum. Don’t be a spiritual child.

Get used to be forced in 2 directions. but don’t ever get lost. Your best life acquires willpower and effortless maneuvers. No more force, let it be. Stop wasting time on things that you don’t like to see matter.

Focus on gratitude, love and timeless being.

When you are NOT bound to a belief system or in the reflex of shame for that you are such a brilliant being THAN you have more access to your natural awareness and intuition. You get healthier, your mindset changes and you start to attract well-being and easiness into every aspect of your life.

I see many young people being spiritually more inclined than adults.

In a society where every one is forced by many different illusions to hide in a rat cage, not knowingly so, wastes their life force into instant gratification and fake love. 2 main reasons for depression.

The one that got away ~

Money certainly can’t buy you Soul but FOCUS can.

TODAY – Sign up for you.


Love is why you came. To be loved, give love and see love. To let love make it click and you see yourself come together as one.

Let go of any doubt, boredom and disbelief and flow right into harmony, balance and a way to fit in.

This is the time to shine your light and play just like you are.

Don’t be ashamed to have emotions -to be human. That’s what you ARE

But more so


Be as deep as you like.

Be truth, not guilt. Wisdom, not cruelty.

You can feel better now and forever

🔵 All have been given the power to contemplate, speak up and change Worlds by doing so. You are aligning your vibrational resonance with what you’d like to attract and abundance in all forms is already yours.

Remember to know what you are asking for.

Dearest child of light, choose you. You’re lightest flight. Choose joy and laughter.
Free and alive.

You are beautiful.

Balance. Love. Let it continue

and so it continues ..




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