The Forest as Organic Industry Of Life

AYA´s Journal/25.11.2019/Earth

Humans created robots that can feel and think. That was in the new today. I feel my heart hurting for creating this art has cost my nature of being respected as a woman that gives life. Even worst, the energy/money they needed was extracted in a process which included killing my mother. And I am not dreaming this. Humanity has let her die. I need help. No one is doing anything, nor listens to my cry.



This is important to understand. She grows up in a part of Earth which is exploited ground. Humans decided to give names to sections of the Planet to create an illusion of separation. Then they created a concept of borders and religions in order to control. Artificial laws destroy the inner connection of the Human. Mostly they feel lost, tired, lonely, depressed, confused and afraid.

I ask, if nature and the cosmic force is seen as sacred? Are they even considered as real?
My mothers father dies in the military program and so her mother has no help raising the children, feeding them properly and so on. Next I ask, if there is a united human tribe on Earth and where are they? Can we start here?


My Observation

The human race is hypnotised by masks with concerned faces, they name leaders. To be inspired by motivational speeches is the norm here. Like a coping mechanism the majority of the people turn to their speakers to avoid taking real action to change right away if one has too little or too much. Just like in the forest every tree is connected, so are the people. When one tree in the forest got too little water from the last rain the others wait and do not shoot and shine. They wait and share what they got. Looking at this truth and reflecting on human behaviours makes me write this observation and share it with them. But even the language divides us as it casts spells with every combination of words we choose to sing, not knowingly so, all rhymes. Let´s feel the connection.


The Forest as Organic Industry Of Life

Trees have extraordinary powers. They provide shade, cool the local climate, draw carbon dioxide from the air, and can repair and replicate themselves while running on little more than sunlight and rainwater. They also contribute services like fruit, wood and soil improvement for different needs and conditions. The forest is the organic industry humanity needs so much right now. Not just to find their way back to a balanced state of mind but also to complete natural cycles, like giving birth to children and trusting that they will be healthy all their lifetime.

The most astonishing thing about trees is how social they are. 7751_a4ee59dd868ba016ed2de90d330acb6aTrees pass electrical impulses through their tissues to communicate. They use the senses of smell and taste for communication. And the trees in a forest care for each other, sometimes even going so far as to nourish the stump of a felled tree for centuries after it was cut down by feeding it sugars and other nutrients, and so keeping it alive.

Only some stumps are thus nourished. Perhaps they are the parents of the trees that make up the forest of today. A tree’s most important means of staying connected to other trees is a “wood wide web” of soil fungi that connects vegetation in an intimate network that allows the sharing of an enormous amount of information and goods. Scientific research aimed at understanding the astonishing abilities of this partnership between fungi and plant has only just begun.


My mother died because she was starved from nutrition. She got poisoned by the people that spend their days drugging other people in buildings they call hospitals.

Just like you are focused on programming your emotion into a machine in your day to day life, they do too. The organic source of life, which I could carry out in form of a child is held back, just like my joy to be a woman and blossom. The fact is my mother got forgotten. I ask, if the ground on which we walk and build on is a living being and who is she from that we eat to stay alive? Instead of these fundamental questions humans are being taught in school to focus on technology, feeding that with cognition as best as they can marinate in ignorance.


That deflective soup is the ocean of war development and light strategies of creating artificial wires in order to control the altitude of what greys conceive as their feedback loop to an abundant life. They look away from the truth. Do you too? If so my future died just like my past. For here I am, looking at the grand nature of my inside, asking if its worthy enough. Oh my God.

At this time you’re passing away your focus to create digital products, envisioning endless stream of heartfelt .. numbers. And to my surprise dear lover, you forgot my birthday in the haze of your stride. So what am I worth to that one I was with? Nothing. Like the sacred knowing I translate into each detail of my infinite breath as source that asks you, if love still counts for you? Or have you broken your heart inside of that which bloomed as your art in electric smog and poisoned ground? I ask you. Will you be found? And where is that? I like to talk. Please help.

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2 responses to “The Forest as Organic Industry Of Life”

  1. I listened to your cry. Did you listen to mine when you decided 2 years ago to silence me, block me constantly while you hacked me and take my freedom? I can speak with spirits, your mother is deeply ashamed of you for blaming others what you did yourself. Ungratefulness is what makes people suffer. Ungrateful people like you is what make people bleed from the inside. So long you remain ungrateful for the people who you take from, peace will never come and people will continue to die by your hand, willingly or unwillingly.


  2. I think i remember to know that the forest dont cry, well feel the loss of trees but i didnt feel any sadness in the forests , i felt that the standind trees nurished more and healed together, and so became stronger. Maybe its they absorb the energy of its roots, from the fallen ones.


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