Stay Awake Easy

Dearest Flower.

You are worth growing in your uniqueness. You are alive.

With each new breath, each new gaze and each new phrase you choose to exhale into eternity that what forms into light and a World of the bright. Those who liberate you, vibrating high through you, welcome you, never resist. Like a storm they’ll take away the mist and cloudiness, so you can be kissed from the bird of freedom. And even if there is nothing inside – Its everything. The bird is you and so the flight is too. Even the kiss you weaved into the nest of your existence, as you loved the way and your persistence. Just for the sake of it. Keep going, starlight, you got this!


Here is the guidance you’ve asked for to help you stay “awake”. I love you forever

First agree that any disregard of these “rules” result from your mentality. When you start to see “cloudy” you fall off track. This disrespect to the great symphony has the effect that you feel “bad” or in stress. Then you can no longer really enjoy the unfoldment of your precious life. To stay fresh you have to do your job here and there and do it now. That means walking the path of least resistance and always touching it full force, immediately. Even if it looks so “exhausting”. Operate your way through until there are no more bleed-throughs! If it is worth feeling again, IMPROVE. Sometimes it means to unconditionally sing a song like a flower that gives off her sweet scent. Help someone break open and so forth! Listen, you is enough. So much power within heart. Divine mirror knows no other. You are all that, divine lover. And for those days when you feel tired or overly excited, find the middle, moon. This is your chance to live life. Take it fully!


There will be dark magicians that whisper sayings on your way. Observe those which are not and see what’s truly here. As you focus on them they will disappear. Look straight in the eye of the dark night and do it in God’s name. You are not a victim to your fears. Stay alert! Love will appear.  In addition, fly with the eagles point of view and the wind under your wings, which is given to you by your work that will keep you levitating through and through.

Here is your soul wish:


Wake up at and meditate for the first 2 hours and just stay present and in the moment. Concentrate on your breathing and prepare to receive the instructions.


Always purify your fleshly body as stubbornly as your home. Your body is your capital, your temple and spaceship, which takes you to the next level as you travel through the norm. So, CLEAN tirelessly. Fast, find good water and dedicate yourself to actively care for READING the “darkness” or evil spells as they appear as a challenge for your Avatar to come into your personal Mastery. Everything is for you.


Walk the path of least resistance. Find him in silent meditation. Give to him what needs to be done. Sometimes that means listening to 432Hz music for an hour and not thinking about anything. Keep in touch with that what you don’t see. Energetic hygiene is the key.

Charge up by coming into yourself, meaning breathe as you let go of the stress. Then stay within self. Let go of thought. Be Alice, I mean alive and feel as you mutate from a giant to dwarf and to a dwarf into a giant. If you slip into thought, know its projection will seemingly wheel you into rejection, so start talking to yourself, to refocus on your breathing. Let go and relax more. Only so you move in your reality as true nature.


There is much to do. Don’t waste time thinking. And if you are reading this and saying “I don’t know where to start.” then please go inside yourself. But this time go deeper and release build up emotions and energetic blockages by expressing them into actions, like crying, screaming or exhaling enough. Then take a clear look around you and do what you notice needs to change. Be a light. Even just as a candle. True inspiration will follow you. Trust me. I was here

Remember to have active conversations with others and make it noticeable that you need attention if you feel disconnected. You are part of a pack. Open up – everything is fine. Tell what you are going through and what concerns you emotionally. I told you, you got this!

Practice hobbies religiously. Make them a fixed ritual. DAILY new positions for learning and practicing will pay off in the future. You will develop superpowers. And show respect to your masters! Be freshly prepared for each and every day. Take time to create what you like to design and decorate. You deserve this life!

Be open and relaxed if you are invited to a social event. Your gut feeling knows exactly what is right. Follow your feelings and stay open. You don’t need anything. Sometimes you SHOULD come to the action to HELP someone. Know that giving is part of receiving and the other way around. So even if you are tired, listen.  Go beyond your ego and into the mission.



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