The Ultimate Work View

Let’s just jump right in!

Why work?

Work is intended for cultivation of self and integration into the earth, but also for expanding consciousness.

What’s work for?

Work is for creating a life of positive experiences and things to look forward too, like creative projects that expand ones love for simply being alive.

What’s it mean?

Work means love, being in the flow, connected to ones best capabilities and joy.


How does it relate to the individual, others, society?

To me work relates to others by giving them a closeup on the depth of an experience that might look very simple. My work shows others that there is beauty everywhere they look. So my work is to focus fully on one thing and capture the beauty of it. It is to see the timeless in the timeline.

What defines good or worthwhile work?

Good work is defined by the focus that is put into it. – By the quality and depth of the moment that is presented. – By the fine election of what is been focused on.

To me worthwhile work is the everlasting truth in a beautiful frame.

What does money have to do with it?

Money has to do with work by being a resource for more work, meaning more fun.


What does experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it?

Experience is works baseline and the heartbeat. To me the experience of work is easy and repetitive, slow, simple and joyful.

Growth is works echo. Growth comes by getting better and better. I also feel that growth in essence is the desire to share the pure joy of work with others.

Fulfilment is works song that can be played over and over again. It never gets old. Fulfilment is by letting work be work. Fulfillment is in sharing the work.


What about impact and scale?

Work impacts in a positive way. Work impacts everyone to be a better human. Work inspires millions. Work impacts people to stay alert and in remembrance to be focused on the details of their own moments in life.

Work shows that magic is everywhere. Work includes all age groups and people in love with raw beauty. Work impacts the lighthearted Great-ones.


How does success relate to what is or isn’t “good work”

Success relates to what is good work by being fun. Success is also when people receive benefits from work and when work gets positive feedback in return. Success is a good feeling in general.

Success stands in relation to not good work by being a distraction. Not good work is stress and being too occupied to enjoy the unfolding nature of life.

Success and work are held by freedom and joyful sharing. Success stands in relation to good work by being a byproduct of time spend doing work joyfully. Success is my concentration.



YOU are unique and that’s why take the time to write at least 250 words of what work is for you.

Benefit: You define what the hack you want to be doing ever day. 🙂

Here is a pdf if you need more info and like to write your own Work View. That will be the first step to reframing your work-life. You can then proceed into “What you do” and “Who you are.” Will be posting them as inspiration next, so stay tuned!


I hope you liked me sharing my Stanford Work-view. Till the next time, keep yourself where the light is. YOU GOT THIS!


In Love, AYA.

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