I´O Mystery

If you reached this message it means that you should open up and let the matter that concerns you be answer by the big secret. The human view of things is sometimes too narrow.  

We cannot understand everything. The paths of the great mystery are unfathomable and yet perfect because the entire creation has a perfect order. Everything is good the way it is. Your path continues now, so open up, trust and expect the best. The understanding of a situation and answers to questions can come at a different time and be completely different than we now expect.”


Life is a mystery. Not all questions that concern us need to be answered. Riddles are part of the way. Let go and surrender what you cannot understand to the vastness of the universe. Say thank you to all experiences. Let this message connect you with nature and the miracle of creation.

Little exercise

Answer these questions within your mind.

“Thank you for the challenges, learnings and moving ons.”

What can I learn from the situation?
What is the gift of the moment?
What experience am I having right now?
In what fulfilled state should this experience change?

Pack the entire situation that concerns you in your imagination into a pink gold glowing ball. Hand it over to the universe knowing that it attracts the energy of love and can transform in a wonderful way. This situation now simply takes time. In silence it will change. Let it go. Bring your attention to the present and direct it to the next step.


I´o, the mystery of life, love, wisdom and strength, guide me on my way. All is well. I am held. I trust and look to the next step. I keep saying Yes.




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