Reading through this will make you understand yourself. You will realize your essence and true loving nature. Love, better known as God, the Gab in science, the mysterious perception between space and time or Oneness is deeply conceptualized in your mind. So, we will dive deeply into the concept of hell, separation and suffering. Even as I am writing this my Grammar Program wants to correct the spelling of “between” time and space to “of” time and space, like they are not separate from each other. But looking closely you realize there is something missing. And it is the realization of the Origin of the Universe creating your reality.


Born as a human under the bondage of Islam I experienced an extreme amount of conditions and in that sense confusions. It was a painfully brutal journey I went through to get access to the realisations and the downloads of the grand cosmos. I would not wish any other human being to witness the gigantic black holes I resigned in to create this work I share with you now.

By knowing thyself the root of all suffering will be understood and realized. Billions have access to liberation and love. sept6To break free from the mental limitations one has to conquer the matrix of religion. To not be a sinner in order to find peace in the realm of heaven. To liberate ones life from society, working a job just for money and family, full of distractions, over stimulated. Losses that are around every corner without the realisation of the Law of Impermanence. One has to trust into ones vision and experiencing feeling good with what is. Reaching full freedom is exiting the a never-ending cycle of Karmic patterns. In that sense, the Universal Laws have to be further understood to create the realised experience of the ultimate Truth called Life-force Energy. Read my article about KARMA here.”

May all beings be liberated. May all feel my happiness. May all love.

“My intention is to free billions of people from limiting belief systems caused by religion and safely guide them back to Source. Scientists and mathematicians know the mysterious Gab exists. The concept of society does not implement cosmic laws to the life of the humans. Waking up from that confinement is urgent! Instead of a confused state of mind, we step into a present state of being, where Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance is restored. We truly have enough resources on Planet Earth to feed everyone.” AYA

First Introduction to Fear

Earth holds many battles. People had to face a lot of crises through evolution which made them fear. Hunger, thirst, other physical pain, mental disorders through injustice, born in pride, which is rooted in comparison and competition is not an illusion but a reaction from which our existence consist of. Fear has to be integrated. To see it as an illusion, something we need to get rid of. It keeps your consciousness/source light/essence imprisoned like a genie in a bottle.


Looking down to Earth this separation mentality feeds off the energy of the people through a strong rooted black and white thinking. Religion is the generator of fear. Looking even more closely you see that the worst aspect is that people who believe in God through the eyes of a religion, like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the countless other “concepts” will never find the ultimate oneness and holiness they seek. The belief in sin is a widespread program which keeps the spiral around the karmic patterns circle and more suffering on Earth accrue. The real problem of Religion is that it goes both ways. It promises Heaven but also Hell. This makes it to a delicate topic and a dangerous threat to freedom on Planet Earth.

Every one of us is an extension of “The Origin of the Universe” and it is our duty to hold hands while marching the path through the gate of unconditional Love. In a loving intention to reconstruct the field, I am one of the whole and here to guide individuals back to the Source. -Aya


Sin is the everlasting spiral of life. Mathematically consisted of 3 letters, this sacred number carries the loophole. When we reflect Human behaviour on a cause we have to look at language. It is what makes up a story called an experience or life. But you cannot tell a story without cause and effect or polarity.


To delete the hex spelled upon you through religion, I love to use Dante´s Inferno or “The 9 Circles of Hell”. So that you become aware of every aspect of you, which is in a hell realm. AYA


You are entering the next level of realising the program of religion with a visual illustration of the perceptions of hell.

You are safe to dive in to that now. Just know that “hell” is a box inside your infinite mind. Together we can look at which aspects of you are imprisoned like the genie in the bottle. We will free them by becoming aware of them. Let go of fear.

This part has significant importance for your subconscious awareness. Your body or subconsciousness or so-called lower self thinks in terms of images or in moments of realities. It has enormous power to influence your actions for it governs 95% of your behaviours. Meaning your life is your subconscious mind. By looking at the following pictures with an objective, philosophical state of mind you will start to notice the connections between the splits in your current consciousness, the truth and ultimately it will make you become aware of the human programs at large.

So let´s start to stimulate our minds to the truth.

I created this vision board for you with my interpretation of the following extraordinary pieces of Artworks of visions of hell to share a glimpse of how it looks like to see suffering circling through human beings and society.

The exercise: Become aware of yourself in every picture to free yourself from the subconscious bondage and soulties.


The Gab

First Circle

The Limbo is related to your Awareness. At this point, I need to address that reaching this point in Dantes Cycle is actually the last station. But it is good to keep you reminded of your intention throughout your journey and this is complete presence and awareness.

When we dive into the now we stumble upon the understanding of movement. Without movement which is time, we wouldn’t perceive anything in our presence or reality.

Read more about the Creation of the Universehere.

Space holds beliefs, which are thoughts which create form and your reality. But in order to understand the Source, nonduality and the experience of “God” better, you need to realise how space and time are linked together. So we are about to dive into “The Gab”. The building block between your lower and higher self. Between the one that craves and the one that decides what he needs.

We are taking a deep breath and releasing it into the unknown. We are finding ourselves somewhere in between the planets of our galaxy and giving them the chance to explain themselves.


Lifeforce is what makes you stand up against gravity. It is what makes you alive.

The hormones produced in your glances carry the information to your brain and this process creates your reality.

Every moment of yours the part of the brain called the amygdala is recognizing your reality. It sends a message to the part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which releases corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). CRH then tells the pituitary gland to release adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), which tells the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, adrenalin, and Norepinephrine. These hormones hold the information of what you believe as real and have a direct influence on your body, your nervous system, your fight or flight mechanism, your reflexes, your needs, cravings. the hunger and thirst, the hope and search for yourself.

Your subconsciousness is looking for consciousness. It is looking for the clear look at reality. The truth of who you are. We are taking a deep breath and releasing it into the unknown. We are finding ourselves somewhere in between the planets of our galaxy and giving them the chance to explain themselves.

Ancient Greek astrology reverses to the Sun to be what we call Energy. When you look deeper into the information you will stumble upon Symbiosis which comes from Ancient Greek syn-, which means together or with, and -videos, which means life. It literally means living together.


Your higher and lower self are two different organisms which were designed to live together in a mutually beneficial relationship. You need to allow the fact that you simply cannot suppress your human nature and instincts.

The belief of good and evil, or sins can have two impacts on you. If you are a believer you can become “addicted to forgiveness” and as a nonbeliever, you can lose yourself in satisfaction. Both have the same result. They are spinning you in the cycle of denial. If you forgive or accept something which you actually know is not for the highest potentials of growth you deny its worth of being an essence of God or Source and on the other hand, you are distracting yourself from this important fact through your own experience of the journey called life. Practice understanding tha oneness or so-called infinite love is what you came here to be. And all ignorance makes you spiral in cravings for liberation.

In place of constant pleas for forgiveness to an unseen dictator and his self-proclaimed earthly representatives, the higher self-opens the way to a rational, humanistic standard of morality, where our accountability and our responsibilities are to each other. What creates life comes from how we treat one another, from which your perception creates reality. Your relief is to breathe the prana of free will and to live a life of fearlessly self-directed independence at last.

May all be liberated. May we all unite. For I believe that this World is ready for the Change.

Closing Thoughts

Dive more scientifically and philosophically into the presence of your reality and realize the simulation. The Source and the link between Time and Space is explained by research and experience and you will get the knowledge by opening your mind to questioning what is real and what is fiction. You are on your journey of ultimate liberation. God is yet an experience of you, standing in your divine power creating worlds, like an afternoon tea event with your loved ones. Keep it simple. We are made to attract.

I hope this helped you widen your space of perceptions on the subject you were interested in. Till the next time, remember to keep yourself where the light is.

in the loving intention of reconstruction




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