Rising in Love – Poem

I am in communication with God
.. that voice within.

Rigorous charge of unapologetic consumption travels in the light of the most alike.
There is a great mystery beyond the burning flames of the wild life,
where we placed air-condition, face tune and some other ties.
Be the truth as it embraces you in ultimate youth.
Here, where there lies your soul, no one
has ever passed that throne.
For the point of you
conducts the wisdom it earns.
As the flowers blow up, so your infinite light
beams in apocalyptic time.
Now the shadow is speaking into your mind,
pointing from the sky and screaming
distance must be passed.
Forming dimensions of dual tribes
in essence of form and unity delights.
Placing order into sight,
stirring and stirring the kettle
as the airplanes fly by.
Goddess of the wind whispers in my ears
no return as I vomit my life.
Fertility speaks in the name of I
Feel the beauty, for more than once
We shall multiply, multiply~
Because the desert got me catch my breath
and in this moment God said,





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